Monday, December 19, 2011

Inspiration by Style Pantry for the 7th Day of Christmas

Hello Divamoms & Divas,

Another post inspired by one of my favorite blogger moms Style Pantry. I’ve posted a double denim look before but once I saw this I ran to my closet and grabbed my GAP jeans to remix with my denim shirt from Target.

Only five days until Christmas. KT only asked for two things. He’ll get them on Christmas Eve or the following Monday. I’m blessed to have a kid who doesn’t go overboard and he understands that his daily provision is a blessing and we don’t turn Jesus’ birthday into a get in debt season.

Here's the inspiration:
I can’t sign off without posting the 7th day of Christmas song.  Today I took my laptop to work and played some tunes for the kids. There was a time I would play music every day all day really low and the kids loved it. I’m not sure why I stopped but today a kid asked if I would so more often. I plan to load some more jazz and classical music in a playlist for them. I will never deprive them of anything that will enhance the learning environment and experience.  I aims to please the kids (typing this with a sideye). #don’tjudgeme

Sending Air Kisses,


Ashley said...

You look cute my love!! Love the double Denim on you. You rocked it :) Happy Holidays!!!


Style Chic 360 said...

My sis is so pretty! Love the denim on denim and your arm candy is too cute! SP is always great inspiration!

Thank goodness Kt understands the real meaning of Christmas!

Shea said...

Your son sounds so wonderful and humble, I wish more parents raised their kids this way.

Love the double denim, great recreation and fantastic arm candy!

Zuqueta said...

Awesome look! Love the bangles!!!!


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