Sunday, December 18, 2011

Festive Looks on the 8th Day of Christmas

Hello Divamoms & Divas,

Today KT and I finally put up our Charlie Brown tree and it is absolutely beautiful. Decorating with my son keeps us focused on the true meaning of Christmas which for us is Christ centered, family, love and quality time.

I also spent the day with my two little sisters after church. I cooked and we watched Sex and the City. Not exactly Christmas centered but they didn’t want to join me in catching up on old episodes of my favorite tv series Friday Night  Lights.

Today has been memorable. I can’t believe we are almost in 2012 and I’ll be celebrating another 26th birthday. This is my blog and I can be any age in my head!

I wanted to share a few pictures of two tops I found last year at the local Goodwill after the holidays. The sweater only gets worn to church. Bishop keeps is really cold. Otherwise, I fall out from a heat stroke. Despite it being for a colder climate it is a gem.

The embroidered kinda like a sweatshirt top was worn to work Friday. I wanted to look festive for our holiday luncheon. I don’t do old men Christmas sweaters so this thrifted top was the next best choice.  These two looks prove dressing festive for the holiday doesn’t have to break your bank or set you back. Collectively my mom probably paid less than $6 for both of these with her discount. So hit those thrift stores and get all dolled up for those holiday parties.

Sending Joy to Your World,

P.S. and the song for today is:


Ashley said...

Cute outfits girlie!!! lol Happy Early 26th Birthday dear. Live it up mama :)

Whitney 'Nic' James said...

love the sweater---the details are everything! the shoes on the 2nd look are great! happy holidays :-)


ps i LOVE the song!! what a classic.

Style Chic 360 said...

that sweater that sweater...oh my! Purty!

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