Friday, December 23, 2011

The 4th & 3rd Day of Christmas

Hello Divamoms & Divas,

Are you ready for Christmas? Or did you run out today to do some last minute shopping? Sorry I didn’t post a tune for you yesterday. We had a long day at work and from there I went straight to volunteering at a home that serves families who are away from home for orthopedic surgery. The families are able to stay for free for an extended period and just relax and focus on rehabilitation.

Today was shopping day. I’m always out the day or so before Christmas. Why? I don’t put a lot of emphasis on having anything under my tree which I just put up a week ago. I do purchase things for KT but it usually the same things video games, books, clothes and food, shelter, band fees, transportation…ok so I went there. LOLOL :)

At the moment I can’t locate my camera and I have a look I really want to share from work this week. Yesterday was my last day for the next two weeks. As soon as it is located I’ll post it for you. It falls into the festive category. Right now I’m off to wrap gifts and read a novel. I checked about 6 books for the break and ordered a case and light for my Kindle. Yep I’m a divaNERDmom.

Happy Holidays,

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