Saturday, November 5, 2011

Unedited Bird Photos

Hello divamoms & divas,

I knew this title would pique your interest. There will be absolutely no posting of birds today; although I do take pictures of the birds and ducks that hang out in my apartment complex. Some of the ducks will chase you for food. This has happened to KT and I on two occasions. And I assure you it was not funny.

I titled this post as such because of the color and the bird on my cardigan. Blue is one of my favorite colors. The day I took the photos the weather was perfect. After viewing them in PhotoScape (thanks Eboni) I decided not to edit them. What you see is what my wonderful 12 year old son took with my Canon Powershot. He's been hounding me lately to be sure to give him credit for the photos taken and posted here. 

KT thank you for taking pictures for mommy even though most days it is with a mean face and haphazardly clicking while you rush me, LOLOL! I do appreciate that you find time to make mommie's hobby come to fruition. Xo!

Everything I’m wearing is really old except the watch, costume ring and shoes. I wasn’t sure of the whole belted cardigan but if FLOTUS makes it hot then I’m willing to channel my First Lady’s style. Let me know what you think.

Tank: Old Navy
Cardiagn: Target
Belt: Borrowed from Ann Taylor dress
Skirt: Old (Ross or Marshall's)
Sandals: Nine West
Watch: Michael Kors
Bangles: Old
Blue Ring: H & M

A BIG thanks to you for taking the time out of your busy day to visit my blog and comment.

Do know this journey would be extremely boring without you Sending blogger love to Betty Boop Creator of  Shop with Betty Boop for the feature here,   Corie at Its My Taste for the feature here and LV for the blog award here. I'll do the random facts next post. 

Enjoy the weekend. I hope I can stay awake to watch #2 Alabama beat up on #1 ranked LSU in an hour. Y’all know I’m a college game day junkie but I’ve missed a few of my alma matar’s
***Gooooo S.E.M.I.N.O.L.E.S.***
games so I need a fix today until my team returns to the field next Saturday.

Air Kisses,


Unknown said...

You look absolutely gorgeous, and are those navy shoes? navy shoes that I can never find! I love this outfit on you.

LA Lynn's said...

No EDITING required!!!! You are absolutely stunning!!!! A breathe of FRESH AIR!!!!! LOVE the NAVY on U!

Tavia Mac said...

This outfit is fab and so are the pics! Your son is doing a fantastic job. I agree, no editing required. My 13 year old son is my photographer so I can totally relate with the haphazard

New follower!

Fashion Pad said...

Girl I need that skirt in my life like yesterday!!! It is too fab! Love the way you style it with the cardi belted at the waist and brooch. TOO HAUTE!

LV said...

I love the belted cardigan. This looks really cute on yo and that last photo looks like it came straight from a magazine. Gorgeous!

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