Saturday, November 5, 2011

Praise Break: HE Reigns

Good Morning divamoms & divas,

I've already started my day. I started moving at 7:30 AM! I decided to help out at school so I'm here for the children. 

I usually start my day with music. A bit of prise & worship helps to set the tone of my day.

Some mornings I feel lead to listen to a specific song. I haven't seen you in awhile and I felt the song was very appropriate as a reminder to self and those of you who may also be experiencing any frustrations that would cause us to forget who holds the world in HIS hands.

HE reigns!

Happy Saturday,


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Full Figured Diva said...

Thanks for sharing this song Diva! It really lifted my spirit! HE Reigns!


Anonymous said...

New to the blog, and I love it-your spirit comes through the computer, and I love your style-you make it all beautiful. This song and the second disc of this album period has been my constant companion for the last two months, can't you just feel the power when he sings!!??! He Reigns, all day everyday, and to God be the glory! Have a wonderful day DivaMom, and thank you!

LV said...

Great song! Thank You for this!

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