Sunday, November 20, 2011

On A HAIR Mission

Happy Sunday Divamoms & Divas,

I won't apologize for not posting. I've been relaxing, enjoying KT, working, and reading a great deal. I believe your visit here is so much better when I give you quality rather than quantity. Plus I want to share some personal things that I've been pondering and praying about. Or should I say some lessons I've learned and am learning as I continue to travel this road called life dealing with the good & bad.  I'm looking forward to the Thanksgiving break from work and seeing my family. What are your plans?

I wanted to share with you in case you don't follow me on Twitter that I recently made the decision to grow out my brush cut. I know how much many of you love it on me.  I do too. Truth is I've been rocking this cut for almost 3 years and I in need of a change. I'm actually prepping myself to move towards consuming only chicken, fish and turkey. That's another blog post and I hope my best Q isn't reading this :).

So instead of posting here on my blog, I've been educating myself about natural hair. SERIOUSLY! I have spent hours on YouTube and reading natural hair blogs. I even joined a forum.  I've been natural for many years on and off. I've worn my hair bald, brush cut, fro, long in a puff because I didn't know how to care for long natural tresses, braided and two strand twisted.

Yesterday I was looking through old photos for motivation to take this journey. I pulled out photos where I liked the way I looked with mid length/longer natural hair. Others not so much. This is where the doubt comes in that I can let it go and grow. I hate the in-between stage. I don't like the pull back look with a hand-band on me and I'm too old for two strand twists on a fro (not sure how to explain this).

My mom is natural and my best returned to the community as well as fellow blogger Roodlyn at The support is there. I'm working on learning my hair and becoming a better divamom on the inside as the outside changes. I'm not sure how much I'll share on my blog. I don't want to talk products and try and re-teach what's already out there. Maybe the pictures of the journey? Let me know your thoughts.

Hope each of you are well. I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE 171 FOLLOWERS. Thank you oh so much!

Air Kisses,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

wearing them again

 Hello divamoms & divas,

I hope that you had a terrific Thursday. This entire week has been busy for me. I work four days a week after school & this week my church was hosting our annual Fall Conference. We had a great time of praise, worship and fellowship.  Our theme was Breakthrough. It is my desire that I continue to move beyond any limitations in my life to walk in my destiny. Amen? I can’t imagine anything worse than not living your best life (in my Joyce Meyer voice).

We’ve been at school today since 8 ish this morning. Tonight KT had a band concert to honor Veterans. I must admit this was one of the best concerts I’ve attended at TMS. I’m so proud of my photographer, musician and honor roll achieving son!

I wasn’t going to post this outfit because I didn’t really like it myself. Looking down at the skirt from my p.o.v. it appeared the skirt was big and bulky. I’ve worn this skirt before here. Can I just confess to you that I love this top? If only Zara would markdown a few more cute tops so I can continue to remix my wardrobe without spending much. This shirt was less than $10 = win.

After KT took the photos I decided that I really liked the look. I wanted to dress a bit more relaxed since I knew I wouldn’t have time to go home and change for the concert. A student asked me if I was in love with Cheetahs today. At first I was kinda confused O_o. This shirt isn’t cheetah print (is it?) If you know my students they say some crazzzyyy things. But she was referring to my apparent need to wear some type of animal print once a week.  But she did say I looked nice. Guess that makes it a win. 

Before I got I just want to say this necklace is uh-maz-ing. Yep I typed uh-maz-ing. I paid $8 for this at a thrift sale to benefit some charity this summer and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made looking for jewelry. I see statement necklaces in magazines that are so expensive and I always say to self: “Self, you can find this at a local thrift store.”

You don’t talk to yourself? LOLOL!!

Air Kisses,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Everbody every wear: colored tights + a thrifted dress

Hello divamoms & divas,

I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. I’m super busy this week but wanted to participate in this challenge since I’ve missed a few.

This dress has been seen on my blog a few times and I absolutely love it. Give me floral prints, bright colors and pockets in a dress and I won’t leave it behind. You can throw in some colored tights and create a whole new look. My new mantar is  the best things in life are often thrifted!  

Before I go let me welcome my new followers. I hope you've taken a moment to catch up on my blog to get a glimpse of what I do here. I pray that you are encouraged, motivated and inspired through my struggles, victories and love for fashion. Muah!!

Air Kisses

Everybody, Everywear: Colored Tights

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Unedited Bird Photos

Hello divamoms & divas,

I knew this title would pique your interest. There will be absolutely no posting of birds today; although I do take pictures of the birds and ducks that hang out in my apartment complex. Some of the ducks will chase you for food. This has happened to KT and I on two occasions. And I assure you it was not funny.

I titled this post as such because of the color and the bird on my cardigan. Blue is one of my favorite colors. The day I took the photos the weather was perfect. After viewing them in PhotoScape (thanks Eboni) I decided not to edit them. What you see is what my wonderful 12 year old son took with my Canon Powershot. He's been hounding me lately to be sure to give him credit for the photos taken and posted here. 

KT thank you for taking pictures for mommy even though most days it is with a mean face and haphazardly clicking while you rush me, LOLOL! I do appreciate that you find time to make mommie's hobby come to fruition. Xo!

Everything I’m wearing is really old except the watch, costume ring and shoes. I wasn’t sure of the whole belted cardigan but if FLOTUS makes it hot then I’m willing to channel my First Lady’s style. Let me know what you think.

Tank: Old Navy
Cardiagn: Target
Belt: Borrowed from Ann Taylor dress
Skirt: Old (Ross or Marshall's)
Sandals: Nine West
Watch: Michael Kors
Bangles: Old
Blue Ring: H & M

A BIG thanks to you for taking the time out of your busy day to visit my blog and comment.

Do know this journey would be extremely boring without you Sending blogger love to Betty Boop Creator of  Shop with Betty Boop for the feature here,   Corie at Its My Taste for the feature here and LV for the blog award here. I'll do the random facts next post. 

Enjoy the weekend. I hope I can stay awake to watch #2 Alabama beat up on #1 ranked LSU in an hour. Y’all know I’m a college game day junkie but I’ve missed a few of my alma matar’s
***Gooooo S.E.M.I.N.O.L.E.S.***
games so I need a fix today until my team returns to the field next Saturday.

Air Kisses,

Praise Break: HE Reigns

Good Morning divamoms & divas,

I've already started my day. I started moving at 7:30 AM! I decided to help out at school so I'm here for the children. 

I usually start my day with music. A bit of prise & worship helps to set the tone of my day.

Some mornings I feel lead to listen to a specific song. I haven't seen you in awhile and I felt the song was very appropriate as a reminder to self and those of you who may also be experiencing any frustrations that would cause us to forget who holds the world in HIS hands.

HE reigns!

Happy Saturday,


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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blogging Let's You Be YOU

Hello divamoms & divas,

I wanted to show you all what I wore to see Kevin Hart at the Improv. I found this blazer thrifting and the shirt at Zara. I’m wearing one of my favorite pair of jeans from NY & Co. I love everything about them. The fit. The length. The wash. They can be dressed up or down. I usually dress them up with heels as you see pictured here.

Before I go I do want to ask a question. Did you read Reiko’s post here? I also read a post from one of my favorite mommy bloggers Alinka here and it got me to thinking. I started wondering what are your thoughts about these two issues? Do leave a comment!!

Am I really driven by all the fashion blogs and magazines I read? Truth? Yes I am. I want to always be on point and look fabulous. I want readers to stop by my blog and comment (more on what I’ve written about than my outfit). I want someone to recognize that I’m a decent writer and invite me to work for them doing something great that pays well.

Reality is I’m an amateur blogger. A decent writer and my camera is currently jacked up. I’m not doing this to make money. You must decide what your purpose and motivation is behind blogging or any other activity you commit to. I shouldn’t compare my blog with anyone else or myself to anyone else in any category. We are individuals and that’s makes the WWW so inviting. No two people have to create, maintain and write for a cookie cutter blog.

I subscribe to the blogs that I read for the fashion but there are other reasons. I even follow blogs of individuals who wear Loubertin’s every other day and other blogs I stalk but never post a comment.

I’m just saying that I don’t go to bed mad that I ain’t walking in their stilletoes! Am I a confessed shopalcholic? Yeppers but I’ve had to cut back because my check has been cut and there are way more important things to do. One valuable lesson blogging has taught me (because I don’t want this to be a negative post) is recycle, recycle, recycle and thrift. Do I really need another pair of Jessica Simpson shoes tomorrow?

I’ve never been a creative individual but blogging has helped me tremendously in this area. I just want to encourage those of you who think you aren’t up to par to do YOU and YOU only. Write and someone will read. They may not comment but trust that if you are doing what you love with the gift and talent GOD has given you, He is allowing you to reach the 1 or 2 or 300 individuals you are assigned to “minister” to.

Let’s not allow the world of blogging to stir up feelings of jealously, inadequacy and longing for things of this world. If you read your Bible you’ll know that our worldly goods will someday hold no value. I’m here blogging as an outlet and I’m so grateful for the connections, friendships, sisterships and networks I’ve made.

Blessing to each of you bloggers and followers,
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