Monday, October 3, 2011

Up, up & away with Alzheimer

This is my Granny’s dress.
It is too big.
I cinched the waist with a belt.
I wish I could annilate this awful disease by wearing this dress.
I’d put it on daily.
I want back my fashionable, sharp tongued, witty Grandmother.
She loved wearing rogue (blush) – her word not mine)
made from lipstick on her cheeks.
I loooovveee red lipstick. Can you say MAC’s Ruby Woo?
I LOVE my Granny more.
The End
Against Alzheimer,


Alissa said...

Love the monochromatic look and that purple looks beautiful against your complexion. Can I have that clutch and those glasses? You look great.

Ashley said...

This dress is beautiful. & it's purple :) (The color of Alzheimer's awareness). I know how it is having a loved one diagnosed with it. My dad passed away in 2004. Anywho, I would love if you could do a write up about it. I'll email you the details if I don't post the details on one of my blogs.
Overall great combo you got going for this outfit!

Miss Dre said...

I love the look. The dress and the accessories are lovely. But I really love your post's message. I too, wish it was something I could do to make things back the way they were with my grandmother. My heart goes out to you.

I hope one day soon a cure is found for Alzheimer's and Dementia. Until then, we can spread awareness and support the cause.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Unknown said...

I love this oclor and that clutch with the pop of color is amazing. We are all too familiar with Alzheimer's and what it can do unfortunately, stay strong.

Prissy said...

Love your look. This dress is so pretty & I love it with the neutral accessories.

I wish there was a cure for Alzheimer. I cant even imagine my granny being here physically, but not being here mentally. I pray for you & and family!


simplychic said...

omigosh i would love to wear something from my grandmother. i think that's so cool! you are doing her proud for sure :)

mispapelicos said...

Your granny´s dress looks stunning on you, my dear friend.
I love purple, and on you is delicious.
Much love.

Kerissa said...

Thanks to each of you for your encouragment during this difficult time for me and my family. I'm looking forward to visiting her soon. Really glad I did her proud by wearing this dress.

Shea said...

Beautiful dress! Your Granny sounds like my late grandmother, I learned everything I know from my grandma. She was so stylish, new purse and shoes every two weeks, lol. She suffered from Alzheimer's as well. I miss her dearly.

GFS said...

You look perfect in your granny's dress!

I love that it's kind of loose and flowy.

Style Chic 360 said...

Ohhh the purple is fantastic

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