Thursday, October 20, 2011

pretty. powerful.

Hello divamoms and divas,

Hope your Thursday was terrifc (sending hugs and love). We are sooo close to the weekend babie and I’m super excited. Is anyone else super duper tired? I’m not even in graduate school and I feel like I need to hibernate for the weekend. Yes it is really that 

Let me apologize for the quality of the photos. My photographer is still a great guy (thanks KT) but it was raining and I still only know how to use the Easy and People setting on my Canon Powershot SX130 IS. Can you help me? I attempted to edit them but gave up after about 10 minutes so all you get tonight is cropping and my blog tag added. 

If you are thinking I should take more pride in my blog…well ummm ok that’s cool but this is just for kicks. I’m always telling some of my favorite and REAL fashion bloggers how much I appreciate them stopping by the amateur’s blogspot. Without them giving me exposure and you being a subscriber no one would be taking this journey with me. MOMENT OF APPRECIATION!!

I wore this to work this earlier this week. I felt powerful like I belonged in a boardroom but pretty. After seeing the numerous ways a fellow blogger rocked her black blazer (thanks Betty Boop) I ran to my closet and hooked this up:

Skirt & Heels: Target
Earrings: Old
Necklace:  Premier Designs gifted
Blazer: GAP (really old and faded)

Off to shower and cuddle up with a book and some of my monthly magazines: LUCKY, MORE, Essence, Marie Claire and Glamour. I’ve got to stretch my wardrobe for a bit. I do plan to purchase some colored tights to winterize South Florida style my dresses. To hold me down I'll be thrifting, thrifting, thrifting!!

Air Kisses,


Corie said...

I love this oufit...this is so me. The skirt, the blazer--just love!

Thanks for also leaving me a comment. Umm I could not stop reading your blog. So you are my Friday Feature this week.


betty boop said...

fab skirt dear and cute umbrella and thanx so much for all the kind words on my blog

LV said...

Black and white is always such a classic look and you look gorgeous in this ensemble!

LV said...

Hi Kerissa! I gave you a blog award! xoxo

shopnowsavelater said...

Very classy and tasteful esp with the pearls! So FAB! xoxo Ty

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