Saturday, October 8, 2011

a lesson from a kid's movie

I’ve been writing a lot about being successful and not quitting. I’m always looking to hear from GOD in the most unexpected way. That’s how He works. We expect the expected and God works things out in a way that confounds the wise or speaks to us in a way that we often times miss  because we are tuned in to the typical things to hear His voice.

Last night, KT was watching Spirit – Stallion of the Cimarrion last night. I love watching movies with him especially Dreamworks flicks. Well the little guy fell asleep and I kept watching. Actually ended up crying halfway through the movie. I’ve never seen a horse so determined. It was as if Spirit was reminding me of the spirit of perseverance God has placed inside of me to hold fast and tight to my dreams and His promises. I plan to.

I know that my freedom to be who He created me to be will someday manifest. What I must do is set myself to not be broken, captured by man’s inability to believe in my greatness and becoming gridlocked in challenges. Every problem has a solution.  Just ask Spirit J

Air Kisses,


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Miss Dre said...

It is truly amazing how we can receive inspiration from the least likely places, isn't it? A few years back, my friend purchased the movie Spirit for my children, and they loved it. One day, I decided to watch it with them and I had the same reaction as you, Kerissa. Spirit is such a great movie with such a powerful message.

Thanks for sharing this inspiring moment with us!

<3 Dre

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