Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello divamoms & divas,

It has been a busy week for me. I made a decision to work 4 out of 5 work days after school and I am bone tired! I don’t really have a reason for making this decision that is immediate. I don’t need to be shopping (although I really want to). I want to get KT a few extra things for school and I’d like to have some summer monies.

Truth is who knows what next month holds besides the all knowing GOD? I really don’t need to do so much but like everyone in these tough times I keep telling myself I need the money. Yawn…NOT really if it will have be so tired I can’t do anything when I get home but hit the shower and become a couch potato, lol.

 Have you ever taken on additional projects that you knew didn't fit into your schedule and regretted it? A few days ago I was reading about how we can take on so much that we can wear ourselves thin. This makes me consider that I should make it a habit to really determine through prayer and quiet time what God doesn’t want me to do just as well as seeking His will for my life.

Sometimes good intention cause more harm than good. We can get so caught up in attempting to do good or stirve to reach a certain goal in life that we end up missing the best GOD has lined up for us because we are distracted chasing the good.

These Calvin Klein jeans were thrifted :))

I’m still learning to delegate. Are you?



Style & Poise said...

Cute casual look!


Style Chic 360 said...

I am a busy bee, so I wrestle with this often!

You look great!


I just found your blog while looking at another. And I must say I LOVE YOUR LOOKS!! I enjoy watching how you can put things together that you didn't spend your entire check to buy! I just started thrifting and I must say, it does take time and patience. If you don't have these you should not go! I love the top you found while "shopping Granny's closet". I'm so in to tops like that because i love a long neck and love it now (not so much in school). so these tops draw attention to it!! KEEP THE LOOKS COMING!!

Ife' said...

Oh yes, ma'am! I totally know the feeling over overextending myself. I haven't learned how to say no, and I used to be able to hang when I was younger... but now I need my sleep. LOL

Love this simple, casual look. the leopard wedges set it off perfectly, and those jeans fit like a glove.

I'm still lovin that haircut of yours!

SAT said...

Yes, I tend to over extend myself...all the time. I am still practicing NO or even a small no :).
Cute shoes!

Kerissa said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. I think we can all agree there are areas in our life that we need to make adjust for our own peace of mind and health. Truth is I say yes wayyyyy more than I say no. Besides I need some new maxi dresses this summer, lololol. Off to nurse myself and see if I can get rid of this stuffy nose due to allergies.

LA Lynn's said...

I truly understand taking on too much... I find it hard to say NO! I have to work on that. BTW, you look GORG!

monster cakes said...

I do this all the time. For me, I have to stop and ask myself if I'm doing this extra activity/charity/event because I feel like God is calling me to do it, or if I'm doing it because it will make me look better/more Christian-like/perfect to others. I find I do a lot of things out of pride and my inability to say no. Btw, this is my type of outfit. Laid back, white T, and cute jeans. LOVE it on you.

ps. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement on my blog. Just when the enemy starts attacking, I get sweet comments like yours. They mean the world, so thank you.

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