Thursday, October 13, 2011

Colour Rich

Pardon me for bragging again but y’all should know by now that I’m Rainbow Bright’s long lost sister. I don’t care what the seasonal rules say, give me color and I’m transported to a world much like the one Willy Wonka resides in. Yes, I know this season’s Fall trends include color so I’m meeting the expectations (tips hat to self).

I shared these pants on Twitter about 2 months ago. Why did it take me so long to wear them? My butt appeared a bit too LARGE in them when I initially found them during a thrifting excursion. But I loved them from the day I paid less than $5 bucks for them and have played dress up with them on a few occasions trying to figure out how I wanted to wear them.

This lightweight cotton top that’s really old from Old Navy for me was perfect. A black & white color combos is timeless and stripes are chic. This little handbag was a Goodwill treasure find as well. I didn’t want to be matchy matchy. That’s one habit blogging has helped me break.

Initially I wanted to wear some black Paisley Target pumps but my new manicure needed to be displayed. I’m in love with this new color Fatigued (a mixture of grey and army green) I picked up at Target by Sonia Kashuk. Prior to trying this color I only owned her makeup brushes. I’ll be watching her Fall colors to go on sale to add to my collection. Yea, I’m a nail polish junkie too but on a budget. So the Michael Kor’s heels won.

What do you think about this look?

Before I sign off let me thank my you – my loyal readers for always stopping by. A BIG appreciation for you who take the time to leave comments. Waving to my new followers!! I hope you find something interesting enough to keep you coming back for more and more of my journey.

Blessings & Air Kisses,


Alicia said...

I love those pants! And... I need those shoes in my life! Stat!

Unknown said...

I adore your outfit and I am infatuated with your MK's!

Chandra @ShiftC said...

I love the color, K! I wish I could pull off brightly colored pants! You've got the perfect body frame for these pants!

Chandra @ShiftC

simplychic said...

why don't i have luck like that a thrift stores??? i love the pants!

Unknown said...


Shea said...

LOL @ butt looking too large, stop it! You look great, the color of those pants are great. *I never find pants thrifting!*

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