Sunday, October 2, 2011

LPD: little purple dress

Hello divamoms & divas,

I hope you had a good work week. I was off on Thursday. Instead of sleeping in my son and I attended a luncheon hosted by the Urban League. It was a major fundraiser to support the Nulites program. Nulites is a nationwide youth program founded on the premises that our young people are our most valuable resources. You can read more about the program here.

The was event was hosted by Tamaron Hall and the keynote speaker was Jeff Johnson from msnbc. It was such a dynamic event. I’ll post a picture or two soon. My son wasn’t able to get a photo with him unfortunately. I was a bit disappointed but chalked it up to it not being our moment. I was just delighted that we were able to hear other Nuliters share their personal stories and JJ encourage our middle and high schoolers to dream enormous dreams. It was even televised!! Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I’m a single mom whose money isn’t BIG enough at the moment to attend an event where either of these successful African Americans may be the shining starts of the evening but because some thought of my family & extended an invitation for us to become a part of a life changing organization, we were a part of history. Blessed we are.

You can read about the event here.

I didn’t wear this dress to the event but it would have been appropriate don’t cha think? Wore this to work. I’ve worn this dress only a few times but this has been my favorite look so far. The flower was a $5 addition from H&M. The dress is a Target win. Shoes are Steve Madden via Nordstrom and the Nine West handbag is a really old birthday gift from the Big sister. Call me Ms. Violet, lol.

I ain’t saying go shopping but I think every woman should have a little purple dress in her closet. Don’t you?

Air Kisses,


Unknown said...

I love your looks so much!
I'm glad you and your son had a great time at the event-can't wait to see the pics to come..

I'm thinking about what to pair with the clutch it's so fun.. for my photos down the line :)

Shea said...

Beautiful! Target does carry very nice sheath dresses, I have my eye on a few (I'm waiting for the markdown), lol. Do all the teachers at your school dress like you, or are they more on the casual side?

I miss your randomness on twitter!!!!

betty boop said...

great color on you dear

Ashley said...

I love it! & what a way for me to let you know about the "Raising Awareness" on Alzheimer's disease (You're sporting purple in this blog post)...check out the details I wanted to share with you

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