Monday, August 15, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 30 of 30: The Finale

This photo was taken of me on the last day of my second graduate school residency. I'm standing on the bridge that connects the Orange County Convention Center to The Peabody Hotel (this place is plush). The past four days were wonderful. I was able to gain a better understanding of how my studies can bring about social change in the future so I've returned home more driven to see my studies through to the finish line. Keep praying for my success. Without GOD I can't do it. This is a dream far bigger than I am.

The past 30+ days (cause y'all know I skipped a few) have been the typical days filled with highs and lows. Life happens, right? Instead of losing hope and allowing my faith level to dwindle, I've counted the many blessings already bestowed upon me and enjoy summerbreak (which officially ends tomorrow ...BUMMER!).

Three other significant things that happened:
1. KT flew to visit his family in Atlanta for 3 weeks. I've missed him terribly.
2. I realized that I'm still a poor decision maker in some areas. Yep, I have flaws.
3. I saw the bestie! Cold drinks, good food, cupcakes, sharing our dreams, goals, visions and insight about life knowing it is safely protected with the other.

What an ending to this challenge. Would I do it again? Probably not.

Thanks for being a part of my readership, XoXo.

Air Kisses,
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Style Chic 360 said...

You look beautiful in that dress! And I so need that bag!

I'm glad you took some time and had a little fun during this time!

This will work out in the end!

I've been thinking about doing one of these challenges, but I dunno. LOL

Roodlyne said...
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Roodlyne said...

Congratulations on finishing this challenge, I'm still mid way looking forward to wrapping it up.

whats next? can't wait to read your mind :)

KC said...

Can we say "gorgeousness"??????!!!!

mispapelicos said...

You always amazed me.
You look so stunning in pick

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