Friday, August 12, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 29 of 30: I Will Never Tire of

READING! I'm such a bookworm. I can study until 3AM, need to be at work at 8 AM and still find time to read for a few hours for pleasure before calling it quits. 

Monday night I was able to take an hour long bath, sip a glass of wine and finish Song of Night by Glenville Lovell while Kem played on my iPod. 

There's something about a good read that transports me on a journey in my mind that is often times indescriable unless you open the pages of the same book. 

What's the last thing you read?



Roodlyne said...

you're almost done! yippie!

I love to read also, sometimes I prefer reading to watching TV, I just read my first crime/mystery novel 7th victim it was really good but not my kinda story.
I read the Help last week and now I'm reading yet another chick lit LOL

LV said...

I am a voracious reader too. I am trying to find the time to read the way I used to. Sometimes life gets so hectic, especially when you are a mom and have so little time to yourself. The last book I read was "The Greatest Secret" by Ron Mcintosh. It is one of those books that is go good that I tend to read it over and over again.

Fashion Pad said...

I can sooooo identify with you! I once stayed up through the entire night reading. Then got up, took a shower, got dressed for work and kept it moving. It's a favorite pastime of mine and honestly getting swept up in a good story takes away the stress immediately.

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