Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog challenge Day 26 of 30: Lansdowne, Virginia

This was hard because I love traveling and I have a ton of photos of the adventures KT and I have enjoyed. Lately most of our outings have been staycations locally here in Florida. Nevertheless they've been fun. I don't travel much without. Two years ago my mom came to visit and I left my son during the Christmas/New Year holidays to attend a graduate school residency in Virginia.

Taken 1/1/2010
This is when I wore no makeup. Big difference eh? It was also my first time seeing snow. Each time I would visit my Godmother in Maryland the snow would melt before I arrived or after I left it would snow. I had a fantastic trip, learned a lot and made some new friends. I must mention the scenery was great too but it was awfully cold. It was like the wind took a bitter pill and would whip the heck outtta ya! NO cold states for me unless I'm promised a free new wardrobe.

I'm proud to say I own a wool coat from Old Navy that my mom told me to purchase off a clearance rack. It was a size too big but now is the perfect winter travel coat. I layered and made it work. I keep it  clean since there's no need for it here in South Florida.

Do you own a garment that is not useful where you currently live? What about traveling? Are you a fan?

I'm almost finished with this challenge. Yassss! I'm getting kinda bored.

Happy Friday Folks,


Unknown said...

I lived in Tampa several years ago for a little less than a year. Not realizing that's not where I would stay; I got rid of all cold weather clothes! NOT a good idea! Have a great weekend! ~Serene

Roodlyne said...

every time we get a cold front I'd go get me a coat, my sister would come home raid my closet and tell me how much I don't need a coat... LOL
I have some snow boots, I never wear, we spend last Christmas in NC and it snowed I was glad I had them since that's probably the only close toes shoe I own :)

Zarna said...

you still look totally gorgeous without makeup!

Style Chic 360 said...

You're almost finish! wow a month goes by so fast.

I would say the one item I own that doesn't get much wear is my swim suit! lol

And I love to travel!!!! :)

Kerissa said...

I've learned that you should have at least a few items that are useful in another climate. That's one fashion rule I've learned to live by. The other is not to leave home without makeup, lol.

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