Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 25 of 30: Inside My Handbag

Here's today's handbag my black Steve Madden satchel. I love that the inside is pink. I haven't carried this much while on break. My straw bag has been the it bag. Plus I haven't ventured out much in the past week.

This post will probably support men declaring we have too much stuff in our handbag. What do you think? Am I packed to tight?

I have from left to right a pouch of junk. It has a mini notebook, pen, pencil, highlighter, stud earrings For an emergency, cards For the library and point cards for shopping. There's coupons, postage stamps & a eyewear cleaning cloth.

On top of the pouch is a pill box of Advil and my purse hook. I do NOT put my handbag on the floor in public places or hang it on the back of a chair. This is my second hook. My first was a high heel shoe (:

Next is my black Michael Kors wallet. The matching wallet for my MK navy blue satchel broke. Macy's replaced it with zero trouble. On top of that is an oatmeal pie. I ate it after I saw it was crumbling from hanging out in my bag.

My Kindle (I know I need a cover),makeup bag seen in a previous post, oversized shades (got these at Goidwill gor about $2) and a container of Cheez-its. I went out to study today and I always put snacks in my bag. Do you keep snacks in your purse?

And finally a few reciepts plus a McDonald's coupon for a free mango pineapple smoothie. I plan to snag it tomorrow. Have you tried them? Are they good? I'm a fan of Wendy's strawberry shakes but have yet to try the ones at McDonalds.

Hope you enjoyed this peek inside one of a girl's best accessory.

Air Kisses,
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Wait Until The Sunset said...

what a cool challenge! I love snooping around in people's handbags! I'm your new follower! I hope you'll check mine out and follow back!

Style Chic 360 said...

Cute bag, I need one of those purse hooks! they are so cute!

I love the smoothies at McDonalds, I haven't tried the mango one (I don't like Mango) but I LOVE the strawberry/banana

Nekiah Torres said...

Your purse is super cute! I love the pink too! Girl you don't have too much in your bag. You should see mine! Its pretty scary! haha Thank you for your sweet comment! I LOVE MANGO! I eat them all the time with chile! Kiah

BlackPearl said...

Thanks for the peak inside! Cute bag!! And no, I don't think it's packed too tight. You should see mine.

T.Davis said...

Good gosh you make me look bag with all my stuff in my bag. Love the bag especially with the pink lining and im not even a pink fan

Kerissa said...

Thanks for peeking in. Find that free smoothie coupon and grab the mango pineapple drink. Warning: sugar count is sky high but it's only one time and for FREE!!

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