Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 24 of 30: You Mean So Much to Me

This is the Word of GOD. I have what it says I can have. I can do what it says I can do. It allows me to walk in power not weakness, victory not defeat, health not sickness. It says I'm above not death. I'm the head and not the tail. When I open this book I am taught a principles that are life changing. [We declare this affirmation each Sunday before we partake of the message]

These are two of my favorite versions of the Bible.

I know some of you came here because I post a few outfits and you LOVE fashion as much as I do. My most important job here is sharing my faith. I am in no way flawless. This is why I can openly acknowledge what I believe. I am not demanding that you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. If you've tried it and it doesn't work for you. Fine.

I'm just serving up the truth of how I came to be what you "think" you see here on this blog. Without my relationship with GOD I wouldn't love myself enough to shop at Goodwill. No kidding! I use to think success was based on owning a home, designer duds, a fancy car and high paying job. I have none of those things.

I smile daily because I have hope found within the pages of this great book. It really does mean so much to me.

Air Kisses,


Anonymous said...

Amen! Wow! We recite the same @ my church! I agree with you 100! I am blessed to have what I have as far as possessions but am more blessed to know that my Father will and continues to supply all my needs and that He loves me no matter what and will never forsake me! What church do you belong to?

Anonymous said...

My college friends and I often laugh about the American Dream(outward success) we were encourage to aspire for. Ecclesiastes 9vs11 Although you are swift, strong, wise, have understanding, or skilled; it states time and chance are also vital. True success is doing what God requires in his way and in his timing out of love rather than fear of punishment.

Kerissa said...

@1ststatestyle, I'm a member of Winners Church here in South Florida.
@Keysha, I'm so glad He and I have a relationship :))

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