Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 23 of 30: Facts, facts and more facts

Hope I don’t list facts you already know:
1. My son makes my world brighter.
2. I wish I could sing.
3. I’d like breast implants.
4. I’m more like my mother than I care to admit.
5. I have a love/hate relationship with teaching.
6. I’d like to marry a rich man. NO KIDDING!
7.  I eat all the time.
8. I don’t work out but I am active.
9. I ran track, was a majorette and class Vice President in high school.
10.        I’m a social network junkie.
11.        I’d like to write and get paid for it.
12.        Teaching is my 2nd career.
13.        I worked in Juvenile Justice prior to teaching.
14.        I wanted to be a forensic scientist but hate math.
15.        I love school, currently hold 3 degrees and would like one more after I finish my PhD.

Anything else you’d like to know? Ask away. No Formspring for me though :)


Shea said...

The only one I am surprised by is #3, I would have never guess that, lol.

Are you getting your PhD in education?

simplychic said...

lol @ number 3. i wouldn't mind them either ;)

i enjoy school too, but i am done after this second degree. kudos to you for all your hard work though.

Kerissa said...

@Bajan Beauty, remember the Nifty Thrifty post? The bra issue?! I need boobs, bawahaha (: Nope to education. The program is Family Studies and Intervention Strategies.
@simplychic thanks for the kudos. It is certainly hardwork but each time I successfully complete a course I get a fresh fire and jump in again.

T.Davis said...

What is your first career and what do you have your 3 degrees in?

Kerissa said...

My first career was in Juvenile Justice. I REALLY enjoy working with yoth. Undegrad degree is dual in Criminology & English with a minor in Juvenile Justice. Masters degree in English Education. Weird combo eh?

Shannon said...

Hi Kerissa! Thank you for your fabulous comment on Phenomenal Woman at Loving Me Unconditionally...I'm Shannon!

Love your post! #3, #7, and #11 made me bust out laughing...but I totally agree! I look forwad to to reading more from you, I'm your newest follower! :)

Stop by and say hello at http://hercuprunsover.com


Anonymous said...

High five on #11! Me too sis!

monster cakes said...

fun facts girl! and I'm sure your tatas are just lovely and in no need of a redo. And thanks for the sweet compliment on my tattoo! I don't have TV, so I've never seen NYC Ink, but I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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