Monday, July 11, 2011

The Waiting Room

I composed this post this morning and had difficulty with the WiFi connection in my condo. Read it and pretend like the sun has just peeped from behind the clouds and  your day is about to  begin but not before you see what adventure the divamom's journey will take you on. THANKS SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY TWICE TODAY, XoXo!!

What a beautiful morning it is. I’m here at a beautiful resort, sitting on the balcony reading my Daily Devotional. I’m one of those individuals who reads pages and pages at once rather than daily. Yes, I realize it states daily but my morning go-to is prayer. I am on a conference call every morning at 7 AM EST. Email me if you want more info.

This morning I woke up a bit hesitant to start my day by getting out of bed. Yes, I have days like this. Not because I’m depressed but I’m overwhelmed. I’m on summer break from teaching but I’m teaching an online class and taking a graduate course (I can use a lot of prayer on this one). 

Moms, KT and my nephew were sleeping peacefully after I did get up and check on everyone (you gotta check on tweens and teens). As I brushed my teeth I spoke inwardly to GOD. I knew I had papers to grade and grades to post. The internet here sucks so I didn’t finish last night. I’m behind two papers for my online grad course. All this learning can sometimes be tooo much :( I’ve spent the past week ripping and running and being distracted most days since I was visiting my family back home. 

What I really wanted NEEDED was time with HIM. I wanted to be able to sit and hear and listen. It really is true that without spiritual fuel you’ll start to run on empty and eventually quit running altogether. I grabbed my devotional & I feasted and feasted and feasted and was encouraged by the Word of God.

I wish that I could share all that I read with you. Sometimes I try to weave messages from church and this small but powerful book that I keep in my handbag into my postings. Hope you don’t mind. The tidbits I’m going to share today put my heart at ease. REALLY! I exhaled….

Imagine this scene; I’m seated on a balcony that can hold 6 people at 8AM in the morning. The sun isn’t beaming, the air is fresh although a bit stuffy (Florida is just plain hot) and there’s minimum noise in the parking lot (my view from the balcony, lol). Inside me there’s turmoil. Wondering how I’m going to enjoy my staycation, get all the work I need to get done, ensure the kids have a good time, figure out my graduate school dilemma (I haven’t really shared with you all that this plan has changed temporarily..maybe later. I’m still bathing it in faith), thinking too far ahead about returning to work, pondering life, my place in it, my son, the blog (which I love doing!!) and if I need to attend Shoppers Anonymous (seriously…ok I’m kidding…I was thinking I wish I had extra money to buy shoes). 

Remember I said earlier, I usually read my devotions on any random day? June 13 was the winner. A simple scripture calmed my anxious heart. Headlining scripture: Your steps….are ordered by the Lord Psalm 37:23. Here is what I highlighted:
What should you do when doors you thought GOD has opened suddenly slam shut? (that would be grad school and a promotion in education or different job) Now you’re thinking, “Lord, I did all the right things. How come this is happening?” (I said it just like that a few times all school year and even over the summer J). Be at peace, God is still directing your steps. When your hopes seem crushed and your plans altered, rely on HIS superior wisdom and unfailing love. God has already planned your life from beginning to end, so trust HIM to work things out for your good [Isaiah 46:10-11].

If you give it a little more time, you realize that HE just closed a lesser door to open a greater one. Timing is so important! (Whew, because I was beginning to think something was wrong with me and no one would ever find me as his good thang (wink).As you begin to better understand GOD’S timing you’ll be better able to cooperate with him. The problem that most of us have is we attempt to take the lead role in our relationship with GOD and it doesn’t work. GOD has that role and HE won’t give it to us! (Ok, so I can’t make him be the ONE, the leadership to see my former position as valuable if they don’t and won’t or my future goals to manifest overnight. It’s just that I feel like I’ve been waiting and working at it tooooo  long (mean face).Unanswered questions create trust in the ONE who does and keeps you growing in faith.
Wore this to dinner with my dad on Father's Day
I know GOD has a magnificent plan for my life. Some days I just find it hard to trust that it will occur before I’m old and feeble. This message was where I was when I started my day. Now I’m reminded of my favorite passage of scripture Jeremiah 29:11. I know that things will go well. I know that things are well. The moment I finished reading the devotion I began thanking GOD for so many beautiful people (you included), experiences, moments with family & friends, my life and even where I currently am. The waiting room isn’t so bad as long as I’m positive and productive while I’m hanging out there.
Air Kisses,


Anonymous said...

The Waiting Room was very inspirational! Actually, you should pray about writing a book using that title. Every aspect of life requires waiting (patience). Your ending staying positive and productive confirms teaching is one of my waiting rooms.

Supermomplace said...

WOW! I guess the devotional wasn't only for you as it blesses me also. I'm sitting in a very dark corner of the waiting room, just about to throw the towel and say F-it!
but I'm reminded that He does work all things out for my good. All things including my dumb mistakes.
Thank you for writing I needed to hear this once again.:)
I agree with Keysha, I'm rooting for that book :)

Style Chic 360 said...


I couldn't read this post the day you posted...but I noted to myself to come back to it.

I needed this today, and many days. I am so glad that in between your cute outfit posts you find the time to write such uplifting and encouraging posts.

I love them. Please don't stop. :)

I think God is trying to tell us both something. :) Trying and learning to be patient and wait on HIM!

Love your floral top and those nude pumps.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today and I am thankful I did. I really needed to read "The Waiting Room". I have been in the waiting room for awhile now and I have gotten very emotional about it. Your post let me know that it is ok to be patient and in do time I will receive the desire of my heart.

LV said...

You look amazing! I love both of your looks. I really enjoyed reading this post and although I am sure you were writing to encourage yourself, you encouraged me too. I really really really needed have no idea how muc.

simplychic said...

it's so good when you feel comfortable about where you are at because you know God is directing your steps and has a plan bigger than you can even hope to imagine. i had a real struggle with did i make the right decision abt quitting my job and going to grad school. but while i still don't quite know what the benefits of my decision are i'm finally at peace with it and i know it's all b/c of God.

p.s. love the florals and that lip color! what shade is that? i've conquered red and now i am ready to move to pink :)

Kerissa said...

Wow! You all are really encouraging me with your comments. I don't know about that book but I plan to keep writing here. I will accept the challenge if GOD gives me enough to fill up the pages. More importantly, I'm glad this message went into the blogsphere world and blessed each of you. I honor the KING!

Let's all keep our heads to the sky. I saw a rainbow yesterday confirming HE really is watching over us (:

Unknown said...

I love your makeup in this post, The outfit is a perfect combination. :)

betty boop said...

so inspired w/ this look i just purchased a floral cardigan cant wait 2 wear it :)

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