Saturday, July 23, 2011

Floating On A Cloud

I've been doing a poor job blogging about my beauty interest. Truthfully I'm just getting into makeup (a year) but I've always been a nail polish addict.

I would always give my mom pedicures and pay for mine at the salon. Unfortunately the funding in education world is at an all time low. Initially to cut cost, I would get a salon pedicure once a and keep it tidy until the next visit. Now I do it all myself.

I've started painting my fingernails which I'm really not good at doing. I've used the Sally Hansen Salon nail polish strips. My opinion? Love them when I can buy them BOG 50% off but that hasn't happened lately with all the buzz surrounding them.

My general rule was no more than $2 for a bottle of polish. Exception to this rule was the fact that I'd been searching for a white polish that wouldn't look like I used white out sitting at my desk while the students were testing.

I found it! Sally Hansen's Lavender Cloud. It has the slightest purpley pink tint. I know you can't tell but believe me if I'm writing about it, it was a SCORE.

Downsides do exist. Cost...yikes (I'll reveal at the end of the post). The polish worked great on my hands. Two coats and I was done. I cut my nails down shorter than usual. Now my feet were a different challenge. They required more coats. The polish was streaky & thin. The brush is big and awkward.

I maneuvered these roadblocks and look at the result (: I'll be wearing this for a while until I get bored. I change colors about every two weeks. Sometimes more often if i have time and we know I have zero extra time waiting around to be used.

What do you think? Too white & not for you? Or will you be heading to your local beauty section for a bottle? Warning I paid $8 for this. Yes a splurge but I'm going to use every drop, ha haaaaaa!!

Be sure to catch up here. There's some good things happening. Don't want you to miss out.

Air Kisses,
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DWJ said...

yeah I love this color. If you ever want a great pastel, try Essie's St. Lucia Lilac. It is so soft and pretty.

Full Figured Diva said...

Love the color...and I also do my own mani and pedi!

Thanks for all your lovely comments diva....and my bf takes the majority of my pics!

Ashley said...

I did hear that the brush was difficult to work with. I'm not all that great when it comes to painting my own nails. Somewhat iffy about purchasing one of these. Overall your nails look great.

KC said...

I am with you on several points that you stated:
1. Cutting back on "luxuries" (I'm in education, too.)
2. Doing my own nails but
3. Not wanting to spend an arm, leg, finger, and toe for some nail polish.

However, this color does look good on you. But if you get tired of it...well, you'll have an extra bottle of fashionable white-out! LOL! Just kidding!

By the way, I mentioned you on my post for Saturday....check it ooouuuuut!

Alicia said...

Yea... here in NYC it's hard to find quality nail polish for less than $8 so that's pretty much how much I pay for all my nail polish. I love getting mani-pedi's, but when cash is tight, I do them myself too and so I like having a lot of different colors in my house. Sally Hansen and Essie are where it's at!

Kerissa said...

Guess what happened? I ruined my the polish wearing closed toe shoes and my hands just peeled the next day so I gave myself another quick pedi and paid the nail tech to polish the toes. Nothing on the hands at the moment. Still saved about $25. I do plan to wear this color for a couple more weeks heck even the month of August cause I'm really digging it. I can't say I plan to pay more than a few dollars for polish. $8 was steep :(

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