Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 7 of 30: My Dream Wedding

This is going to be a quick post. I am not the type of person who can say I’ve been dreaming of my wedding day since I was a little girl. I was dreaming more of success so I could have whatever I wanted. But today’s challenge requires me to share this with you. Here’s the shortened version: On the beach. Fitted dress with lace.  Shades of blue. Cupcakes. Good food & music. 150 people total and my mom officiating. I will confess that I am a faithful viewer of the weddings showcased on and TLC's Friday night back to back episodes of Say Yes to the Dress.

Wow, this is one of my shortest posts. I told you I don't have any wedding books lying around. 

Have you planned your dream fairy tale wedding?

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Style Chic 360 said...

I have not planned my out.

I don't want a huge ceremony, or a lot of fam/friends there. I do know. I want a ton of gorge pictures! LOL.

Damnpops said...

Yo can never go wrong with lace, I know that much. Lately I've been thinking a wedding on a beach isn't a bad idea, the aesthetics take care of itself a whole lot lol. But I'm far from that point, but it's fun to think about.

T.Davis said...

You read bridal bliss on too. I LOVE THAT section. I think its because I love love and the stories are inspiring not to mention the outfits. One day your beach wedding will come true.

keren said...

I had my dream fairy tale wedding 11 years ago but not the happy ever after. So I am day-dreaming about the 2nd time around wedding...but more focused on the marriage itself. Heck I haven't found the guy yet! But who ever God sends my way, will certainly have a wonderful wife, for better or worst, in sickness & health, till death do us part.

Anonymous said...

At your future beach wedding, the wind will not be blowing your hair out of place. You will be picture perfect. The sand and water @ beach doesn't agree with my skin or hair.
I like the TLC show "SAY, YES TO THE DRESS."
My dream wedding is to have a godly man and to wear a gorgeous dress. No longer desire to have an elaborate event. Just beautiful, classy, & loving.

Excuse my typos and grammar errors!

Kerissa said...

How I appreciate each of you sharing your thoughts. I'm optimistic that I'll get some years in with the ONE before I'm old & feeble. Life would be voting with dreams. We'd never grow without rain & I'd stop believing in rainbows if your dreams didn't come true.

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