Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 6 of 30: A Pet or A Staycation

If KT had his way we’d have a toy poodle. I like dogs. Cats? Yuck (hairballs, ewwww) but a dog I could live with. I grew up with a black Lab named Lance. I rode that god around our house like a horse. I then went on to have a thing for horseback riding and now I’m the proud owner of some lovely cowgirl boots. I digressed (giggles). During my high school years, we adopted a German Shepherd who we named Lucky except he wasn’t. Someone stole him from us. My family was angry and sad. We don’t have a pet because we have carpet in our apartment. This post gives me a day to dream.

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In high school I developed a curiosity for snakes. Yep, my science teacher Mr. Paul kept a colossal size boa in his classroom. Get this I was the only black female student in our honors class who would hang out with the teacher and the snake. The thing was as long as the sidewalk and probably would have swallowed me and Mr. Paul (who was skinny with wild curly bleach blonde hair) like spaghetti noodles.

In college I briefly dated a guy who bought me a snake. It was a python. I was living with family at the time and couldn’t keep the snake with me. I decided one night to keep Blue (the snake) with me and decided not to tell Sis. Barbara and Erica a snake was sleeping over. Blue got out and the adventure began!!! He was hiding in a vase for the entire day. I’m sure if I wasn’t family they would have thrown me out on the streets.

Today if I could safely own a snake it would be my pet. 

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Why because I could go on a staycation and not worry about pet care. Actually I did last week with moms, KT and my nephew. We spent a few days at a resort in Davenport, Florida. The property was beautiful. I only ventured out one day for lunch and a movie. Unfortunately, we were unable to see Transformers 3 because they were pre-screening Harry Potter (Ugghh! Eye roll! Blank stare!). Instead we had lunch at Bubba Gump, walked around, took pictures and ordered desserts and drank smoothies.

I wore my famous summer look, a maxi dress from Old Navy. If you’ve noticed I was shorted in the breast department so the necktie on this dress was a perfect touch for my mini melons (LOL! I really shouldn’t write such things here). I initially was going to wear sandals but didn’t. The wedges were a mistake after 3 hours but the time with my family was memorable.

Gotta slither back to the grind (corny, I know). I still have assignments to grade and 3 papers to write.

Air kisses,


BlackPearl said...

I'm with you on the cat feelings!

That little puppy is so cute!!! and your dress is amazing!

Damnpops said...

i love snakes!

Alissa said...

I'm not an animal person, I wish I was. I love how feminine the dress is and the accessories are so cute.

Anonymous said...

I always consider you "peculiar" in a godly way! But, a snake as a pet also makes you "peculiar" according to Webster definition! My first pet was male dog called Prada. My husband give him to me. After the divorce, I gave him back I would rather pay dog support with bi weekends visitations. It was too inconvenient and costly being single and a dog owner.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I couldn't agree more regarding cats! I absolutely hate those little critters. Interesting re the snakes. I've never encountered a woman who loved them.

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