Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 1 of 30

Have I told you all how much I love summer vacation? Well I really do. I'm still hanging out with my moms. I promised her some time away after she graduated and that's just what we are doing. I awoke early and wrote a post that I was anxious to share with you but the wifi in my condo blows. Each connection I was able to make would be lost about 2 minutes into being online. This means today will have double posts. Stay tuned for a post later tonight.

So today is a picture of how my day was. Not much of a description is needed right? We didn't venture far today. Spent a few hours at the pool with the kiddos. Nothing like a lazy day pretending to soak up sun and cooling off in a public pool with lots of kids. I love the ocean a bit more but didn't venture onto the beach today.  Maybe tomorrow.

How was your day?

Air Kisses, 


Marcia B. said...

glad you are relaxing yourself, you are truly a diva mom and i love that. worrrk it

Anonymous said...

Refreshing...Nice pic

Style Chic 360 said...

Relaxation in the sun...I think I may go to my pool (complex) this weekend.

My day today started off rocky but is getting better :))

Kerissa said...

My son is a water-bug so we aren't doing anything but being poolside. It doesn't take a great deal of money or traveling miles to take time for yourself and rejuvenate. Hope you are inspired to take some time off from your "real" life, lolol. Xo.

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