Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 9 of 30: Last Shopping Purchase

First let me extend a BIG appreciation to you!

I'm at 122 follower and feeling so blessed. I've been emailing Inez at http://www.stylechic360.com/ about a giveaway. I blog because I enjoy writing. I'm very encouraged to have you here, taking the time to read and share in my journey. I have something in mind so stay tuned and spread the word that I'm here sharing my faith, fashion and thoughts freely. 

Found this cute little wristlet at the Bull’s Eye Boutique two weeks ago while hanging out with my mom.

Kaaauttttee yes? and the price was right!

What was your last purchase?

Air Kisses,


LA Lynn's said...

My last purchase was last week my girlfriend was having a sale at her boutique and I scored some cute black heels for $10 bucks!!!! Yessss... $10 BUCKS!!!! :))

BTW, the wrislet is really cute and at a great price. I love TAR-JAY & their clearance items are ALWAYS a great.

Style Chic 360 said...

My last purchase was a skirt from http://www.a2styleboutique.com/

I wanted to support my fellow blog friend with her new online boutique. Featuring secondhand clothing.

I love the wrislet and target clearance prices are always the bomb dot com. lol

Thanks for the shout out! :)))

KC said...

I'm glad to be a follower of your blog...congratulations on your successful following!

My last purchase was from Target! A pair of Dolce Vita gladiator wedges that FINALLY went on sale or $15!

Kerissa said...

@LA Lynn, I hear ya. TAR-JAY all spiffy and stuff :))
@Inez, You know how we do (wink). Crown me Sale Queen.
@Kish, thank you hun. I enjoy returning the love. I have those same wedges. the front is scarred on one foot indicating I wear them a lot.

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