Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 20 & 21 of 30: Name Behind the Blog & a Happy Pic

The name divamom was given to my by Pastor Nolen. He’s the  youth Pastor at my church who I worked with at the time I was teaching the middle school class in Sunday School. The kids called me Ms. K. PNolen as I call him always said he liked my style. ‘Preciate it PNolen if you are reading this, Xo!

I can understand it when you see so many interesting things enter the sanctuary. I mentioned this before how I’m really big on wearing things around the young people I teach and mentor that’s appropriate. Well I guess it worked. At first I used the name as my text message signature. No I no longer do so, LOL. Does anyone still do it? Get them the memo quick. Please and thanks.

Roodlyn at encouraged me to start blogging. By this time everyone was calling me a divamom. So the name came together because I believe life is a journey not a destination. I’ve had some good times traveling this road called life and there have been some unbelievable set backs, heartaches and trials.

I’m still standing and proclaiming I’m an overcomer through HIM who loves me beyond any love I could ever imagine. The blog is my place to share my journey with you, my readers.

I had to double up a few days. I’ve been lazy and trying to stay caught up in my current grad class. Here’s a weekly recap:

Day 16 click here
Day 17 click here
Day 18 & 19 click here
Day 20 & 21 You are currently reading. Ok so I cheated. Life happens. Please forgive me.

Oh here's a happy pic:

You probably wouldn't have guessed this but I love to eat!

Have a great week. Tomorrow the winner of my giveaway will be announced. Stay tuned. Hope it is YOU (wink).

Air Kisses,

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