Friday, July 29, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 18 & 19 of 30: It's Me Again with a Craving

These were taken with my cell phone while on vacation with my mom, son and nephew in Orlando last month. We spent a few days at a resort in Davenport and relaxed poolside. I had plans to wear this outfit to visit a "friend" but I didn't make the trip. And for me to let clothes sit waiting for that perfect day ins't my style. I whipped it out and strutted on over to the pool. Of course I had to take a few pictures before hitting the water.   
 I can’t say this enough. I have nice legs and it has taken me a long time to realize this. I’m not typing this in a puffed up manner but I never really thought I could pull off shorts.  I wrote about  my lack of confidence here. Another blogger encouraged me to try it. I did. Now I'm hooked in a nonhooker type of way (giggles) so I wore more here.
Not anymore I can still be a good mom and show a little leg appropriately, can't I? 

Are you wondering what I'm craving for Day 18? Magazines? Fashion magazines. I wish I had time to sit on the grass, on my balcony, in a coffee shop and just read and read and read. Helps me shop my closet and create looks I like that have my personality to them. My stack of magazines usually looks like picture #4. Serious eh? Now that I think about it. Maybe what I'm craving is time. But we know that's not possible. I need to manage these 24 hours and hustle appropriately. My excuse, summertime = couch potato. 

I received another best blog award from a sizzling blogger Leslie creator of Pretty Haute. Be sure to check out this dIvAmOm. Yep, that’s right she’s a mom with style and pizzazz.

I’m elated to be recognized by some of the best fashion bloggers in the business. Don’t worry I’m still going to keep adIvAmOmsjourney as it. I love sharing me with you all. The clothes are just a small part of who I am. I wrote about that here

I'm passing on these awards to.....ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS!!!  All of you are fabulous!!!! 

Thanks for being here with me. I appreciate your from the bottom of my heart.
Don't forget a magazine subscription is up for grabs here

Air Kisses,
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LA Lynn's said...

Ok, seriously before you even mention the legs... I was like WHOA she has RUNWAY model legs!!!! Honey, you can WALK with confidence for days with them legs!!!! :))

RevealingBeaute said...

I'm glad you're wearing those shorts! Giving me confidence! I haven't worn shorts in YEARS outside of my house. Skirts and dresses I will do, but shorts... mama's got a lil'thickness going on and not sure if I'm comfy with my thighs. I'm workin' on it!

Alissa said...

Yes, your legs are amazing. And I like the denim and khaki combo its such a clean and slightly preppy look. Wedges are cute too.

T.Davis said...

YOu Betta ROCK THEM SHORTS!!! I wish I was as tall as you man, I would be in wedges and shorts all summer.

Anonymous said...

Nice & relaxing pics! Your long legs are amazing. I have finally accepted that I will never have long legs :) . The Serenity Prayer really helped. Lol


Style Chic 360 said...

Congrats on your award! Your legs are a mile long!! I wish, I wish, upon a star for legs like those! WOWZERS sis! :))))

Kerissa said...

Thanks for all the comments about my Jessica White legs, lolol!!

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