Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 10 of 30: Good Eatin'

The day is almost done and I can't believe I have only a few minutes to get this post up. This one was easy. I'm a huge fan of Panera Bread.

The soup, sandwiches, salads and ambience is chill at an affordable price. I can do lunch with my girlfriends, with my kid or take a study break. There aren't many restaurants you can say serve multipurposes.

The best reasons to visit are the You Pick Two deals & 99¢ pastries. Oh and the lemonade is dee-licious. If only there were free refills.

Are you a Panera Bread fan?

Air Kisses,
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Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore Panera!! I like to take my laptop and post up for a few hours of writing there. The Pick 2 combo is the best. I rotate between french onion soup, the BBQ chicken salad, and the Napa Valley chicken salad sandwich. If it wasn't going to be 103 here today, I'd go get that for lunch!

Style Chic 360 said...

I have never had it. I always say I'm going to try it, and then forget!

I will put it on my to do list!

LV said...

I love love love Panera! My son and I go there all the time. My favorites are the tomato soup, the iced green tea and of course their sandwiches and salads are delicious!

fabdogooder said...

I Love Panera. I usually go there to use the wifi, but while I am there I always get a blueberry bagel and hazelnut coffee :)

Butterfly Kisses said...

I went to Panera Bread 2 weeks ago for lunch with one of my friends. I had the Italian Combo sandwich (or whatever it's called) and I absolutely looved it!! I can't wait to go back and try something different. :D

Kerissa said...

Thanks for all the new recommendations. I usually get the same two things. I'll be sure to have lunch there this week.

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