Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 20 & 21 of 30: Name Behind the Blog & a Happy Pic

The name divamom was given to my by Pastor Nolen. He’s the  youth Pastor at my church who I worked with at the time I was teaching the middle school class in Sunday School. The kids called me Ms. K. PNolen as I call him always said he liked my style. ‘Preciate it PNolen if you are reading this, Xo!

I can understand it when you see so many interesting things enter the sanctuary. I mentioned this before how I’m really big on wearing things around the young people I teach and mentor that’s appropriate. Well I guess it worked. At first I used the name as my text message signature. No I no longer do so, LOL. Does anyone still do it? Get them the memo quick. Please and thanks.

Roodlyn at encouraged me to start blogging. By this time everyone was calling me a divamom. So the name came together because I believe life is a journey not a destination. I’ve had some good times traveling this road called life and there have been some unbelievable set backs, heartaches and trials.

I’m still standing and proclaiming I’m an overcomer through HIM who loves me beyond any love I could ever imagine. The blog is my place to share my journey with you, my readers.

I had to double up a few days. I’ve been lazy and trying to stay caught up in my current grad class. Here’s a weekly recap:

Day 16 click here
Day 17 click here
Day 18 & 19 click here
Day 20 & 21 You are currently reading. Ok so I cheated. Life happens. Please forgive me.

Oh here's a happy pic:

You probably wouldn't have guessed this but I love to eat!

Have a great week. Tomorrow the winner of my giveaway will be announced. Stay tuned. Hope it is YOU (wink).

Air Kisses,

A Playground & A Garden

First appearance of this dress from H&M’s Garden Summer Collection last season. 

Added a cardigan and belted it to make the dress work for church.

This maxi is so ridiculously fun that I decided to take the photo session to the playground.

I’m going to toot my son’s horn for a minute and say he did an excellent job in this “I think this is what hell may be like” weather taking my photos. That’s why I cooks up those good ole southern meals for my boy! Toot, toot :))

If only he enjoyed photography. Sigh... He's getting a vacation from photography so I'll be posting looks we've already taken that I haven't shared over the next few weeks unless you send me a tripod. Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask right? I'm hopeful. 

I've been tweeting about a new accessories store that opened last Tuesday called Charming Charlie. Have you checked out the one in your area? He's very charming.  I had to practice some serious self control Thursday when I took my sister to check it out. Let me just be honest I had to take her basket and purge it. You can spend a hundred bucks easy in that store for cute costume jewelry. I came out the same way I went in and for me that's a miracle. 

Kinda wish I had framed some of these photos before posting them. I don’t do much besides ensure the color is of fairly decent quality and put my tag on them. 

What do you suggest to make the display of my pictures more appealing. I’m using Photoscape and Picassa 3. And why does my font keep changing? Ugghhh!!! Isn't that distracting or have you not noticed?

Happy Sunday Loves :)

Air Kisses,

Friday, July 29, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 18 & 19 of 30: It's Me Again with a Craving

These were taken with my cell phone while on vacation with my mom, son and nephew in Orlando last month. We spent a few days at a resort in Davenport and relaxed poolside. I had plans to wear this outfit to visit a "friend" but I didn't make the trip. And for me to let clothes sit waiting for that perfect day ins't my style. I whipped it out and strutted on over to the pool. Of course I had to take a few pictures before hitting the water.   
 I can’t say this enough. I have nice legs and it has taken me a long time to realize this. I’m not typing this in a puffed up manner but I never really thought I could pull off shorts.  I wrote about  my lack of confidence here. Another blogger encouraged me to try it. I did. Now I'm hooked in a nonhooker type of way (giggles) so I wore more here.
Not anymore I can still be a good mom and show a little leg appropriately, can't I? 

Are you wondering what I'm craving for Day 18? Magazines? Fashion magazines. I wish I had time to sit on the grass, on my balcony, in a coffee shop and just read and read and read. Helps me shop my closet and create looks I like that have my personality to them. My stack of magazines usually looks like picture #4. Serious eh? Now that I think about it. Maybe what I'm craving is time. But we know that's not possible. I need to manage these 24 hours and hustle appropriately. My excuse, summertime = couch potato. 

I received another best blog award from a sizzling blogger Leslie creator of Pretty Haute. Be sure to check out this dIvAmOm. Yep, that’s right she’s a mom with style and pizzazz.

I’m elated to be recognized by some of the best fashion bloggers in the business. Don’t worry I’m still going to keep adIvAmOmsjourney as it. I love sharing me with you all. The clothes are just a small part of who I am. I wrote about that here

I'm passing on these awards to.....ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS!!!  All of you are fabulous!!!! 

Thanks for being here with me. I appreciate your from the bottom of my heart.
Don't forget a magazine subscription is up for grabs here

Air Kisses,
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Such a Great Find

Today I came across a great find right here at

I can't wait to check out her personal blog. She's business savvy and is giving away a mini blog makeover.

Head on over, get the details and show some blogger love. The requirements are simple and for FREE you can complete them in 5 minutes. I just did.

Project Runway in 20 minutes. Are you tuning in?

Hope your Thursday was terrific!
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Blog Challenge Day 17 of 30: My Family

Here’s what my family looks like. Not your typical family but we make it work. There was a time I carried a load of guilt that KT’s father wasn’t in his life full time. PLEASE NOTE: IN HIS SON’S LIFE.

Today I no longer feel that way. I love this little boy tween more than I can ever express in words. Instead, I try to be the best mom with a touch of friendship that I can be. I don’t try and take his father’s place. I’m not trying to be both parents.

I hope he knows that every decision I make is filtered through two lenses. I ask myself: What does GOD say about it? and how will it affect Krystopher? I’ve said not to relationships, jobs, trips, things to ensure my son is provided a good life.

More importantly, I cherish every mommy-son moment spent watching Food TV, playing Wii, playing superheros (I have this kid fetish for superheros, shhhhh don’t tell), dining, traveling and reading to name a few things we enjoy together.

This is my family. It is full of love and I wouldn’t change the look of it unless it was something much better gifted to us by GOD.

Don't forget a magazine subscription is up for grabs here

Air Kisses,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 16 of 30: Celebrity Crush

Hope you had a terrific Tuesday. Today's post should reveal who I dream of at night. He's just like I like my coffee!

My celebrity crush is none other than Idris Elba.

Image Credit
I still have this magazine for the cover. I'm certain I didn't bookmark any articles. 

How hot is this guy? I can hear the voice of God saying after his was done creating Idris how beautiful HIS creation was. Amen to eyecandy :).

Enjoy this week's recap:
Day 11 click here
Day 12 click here
Day 13 click here
Day 14 click here
Day 15 click here

Who's your celebrity crush?

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Air Kisses,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 15 of 30: Can't Leave Home Without It.

Hope everyone is having a superrific day. I'm grinding which is why you haven't heard much from me via Twitter today and I'm completely ignoring the evil Facebook. I spent the morning cooking KT an appreciation dinner for taking such wonderful photos of me. Nothing special just a slab of ribs, mac & cheese, rice, black beans and cornbread. Some comfort food. Hope he likes cereal and sandwiches the remainder of the week. Kidding. Seriously kidding!

So you want to know what I refuse to leave home with right? A life giving bottle or container of water. That's right. I drink a lot of water all day every day. Please don't scold me and call me a hypocrite. I know I'm always talking about how I recycle so I shouldn't be mentioning a water bottle. I use them. I recycle them. End of discussion. 
Image Credit

I do want to remind you there are many benefits to drinking water so I hope you are a fan.

Don't forget a magazine subscription is up for grabs here

Drink Up,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 14 of 30: I'm absolutely must tune in weekly to.....


I should probably be ashamed to share this and I am kinda sorta. I’m a fan of Basketball Wives. Yes I know the only person who is a wife is Motor mouth Meeka. Yes I’m aware that the show is adding to the arsenal of shows that portray Black women in negative light. Yes, I’m aware that Shaunie throws rocks and hides her hands collects the cash. Yep, saw the episode where Evelyn played the my daddy wasn’t around so I have issues card. Isn’t she an adult? My advice is to get a therapist and let it go hun.

Now Tami….Tellitlikeit I-S Tami, I am on her team. True she sips and dips in folks business and will mop the floor with em after she’s deep in her warm fuzzy place after a few cocktails then sets it off but she’s the girl everyone wants as a homegirl. Now Royce. She’s growing on me. I was anti Royce but now I know Royce needs me cheering her on. She needs me to learn to help her learn to be solo but not alone. She needs me to whisper in her ear (my tv has special features) to listen to her girls when they see things in her book that she swears isn’t there. Susie well she’s a misfit in need of a makeover.

Yep nothing good about this show except they all have a love for my favorite things: maxi dress and oversize earrings. And yet I tune in weekly for drama filled tv while tweeting. So there you have it. My confession of a realiy tv show that I just can’t live without. Let’s see how many Saints call me on this one. Cheers!

Are you a fan of Basketball Wives Season 3?
Air Kisses,

I'm a Sweetheart!

I’m sure you are wondering why I’m a sweetheart right? Today a friend at church told me I looked like someone’s Valentine. I initially was trying to come up with a post title that included her thought & failed.

A brief 60 seconds later conversation candies popped into my head. And I thought I was going to find a title on one of those cute little candies (You don’t get the connection either, right?). Nope I didn’t come up with a title. Then I thought I’d name this after some berry cocktail but I don’t drink…bawahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn’t matter because this color combo wasn’t my idea. I came across In Her Stilettos: neon pink. If you follow her blog or Twitter please tell her thank you. I sent this look around the world. I was awe struck by her burgundy pumps. I had my shoe fairy RushOurFashion searching high and low for me a pair. She found me these Aldo Botkins pumps. I ordered them. The next day they sent a cancellation email. 
A few days ago I took my first trip to Zara and found these.
 I immediately begin to plan how I'd wear them with this dress. 

I love this dress but it’s too big. I thought about taking it to a seamstress but decided against it after seeing Diya’s post. Besides, I figured the work would cost more than what I paid for the dress at a Goodwill in Georgia last December.  I even thought about just cutting it and keeping the skirt portion which I still might do. I wanted to wear it to church. Here's what I came up with........

 I felt so pretty. My only complaint was the shirt constantly untucking itself. I didn’t post what may have been better shots showing off the look because my shirt was rolled up in the front. I have to admit I’m proud of myself for doing something really different & not playing it safe. I’m usually go with a cardigan. Not today.
  What do you think? Divamom win? Or does this look require a do-over?  
 A very special thanks to my Little BIG man, KT who takes my photos even though he hates to. Yes, I force him lovingly. Why waste good talent? A professional photographer says he has a good eye and I should keep encouraging him. Someday it may become a side gig or he may become the next Gordon Parks. Words of advice: Don't limit your kids to one thing. 

Your Sweetheart,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 13 of 30: She Better Win a Few Grammys

I won't go into I'm such a music muse because I tell you that every other blog post. I can't say I have a favorite artist like I would die if I didn't have their cd. I will say Adele gets some play every day at my house, in my car, on my PC and my iPod. KT loves her as well but has asked me to give it a rest. How can I when she sounds like this:

I read an interview a month ago in a Rolling Stone. She commented that her style look doesn't factor into her music. To that I say keep standing up. I'm not a Bey fan for one reason, she needs clothes on. Talent will make room for you among kings and queens (read your Bible) but sex will sell and take away from your gift. Adele assured us she makes music for the ears not for the eyes. That my music loving readers is blog worthy and Grammy worth.

Close your eyes and think of that "Someone".....


Floating On A Cloud

I've been doing a poor job blogging about my beauty interest. Truthfully I'm just getting into makeup (a year) but I've always been a nail polish addict.

I would always give my mom pedicures and pay for mine at the salon. Unfortunately the funding in education world is at an all time low. Initially to cut cost, I would get a salon pedicure once a and keep it tidy until the next visit. Now I do it all myself.

I've started painting my fingernails which I'm really not good at doing. I've used the Sally Hansen Salon nail polish strips. My opinion? Love them when I can buy them BOG 50% off but that hasn't happened lately with all the buzz surrounding them.

My general rule was no more than $2 for a bottle of polish. Exception to this rule was the fact that I'd been searching for a white polish that wouldn't look like I used white out sitting at my desk while the students were testing.

I found it! Sally Hansen's Lavender Cloud. It has the slightest purpley pink tint. I know you can't tell but believe me if I'm writing about it, it was a SCORE.

Downsides do exist. Cost...yikes (I'll reveal at the end of the post). The polish worked great on my hands. Two coats and I was done. I cut my nails down shorter than usual. Now my feet were a different challenge. They required more coats. The polish was streaky & thin. The brush is big and awkward.

I maneuvered these roadblocks and look at the result (: I'll be wearing this for a while until I get bored. I change colors about every two weeks. Sometimes more often if i have time and we know I have zero extra time waiting around to be used.

What do you think? Too white & not for you? Or will you be heading to your local beauty section for a bottle? Warning I paid $8 for this. Yes a splurge but I'm going to use every drop, ha haaaaaa!!

Be sure to catch up here. There's some good things happening. Don't want you to miss out.

Air Kisses,
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Blog Challenge Day 12 of 30: Sunny South Florida

Hope you are ready set to go for the weekend. I'm still procrastinating and suffering for it. I'm trying but I just can't win this I want to be lazy battle. I'm glad today is the last day of work so I can start back napping during the day. 

I live here and absolutely LOVE it. 

This photo is not the property of this blog. I take no credit for this image.

Can you believe 8 years ago I took a Florida map, ran my fingers across it and relocated? I've since turned into a beach babe and a country girl living her GOD given dreams in the city. 

No I don't plan on actually naming the city. Too many lurkers out here and I'm such a social network junkie. 

In case you didn't know. I'm doing a 30 day blog challenge. Read it here. Here's this week's recap:
Day 6 click here
Day 7 click here
Day 8 click here
Day 9 click here
Day 10 click here

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are enjoying it here. the lucky number was 121 (my birthday) which I've reached because of you.

 I'd like to share a good read with you. 
If interested, leave a comment and let me know what's your favorite post here & why. I'll send select a random comment using

One regular visitor will get a year's subscription to one of my favorite magazines MORE. My mom gifted this to me two years ago. It includes great articles, beauty & fashion tips and inspiring stories of women who are constantly reinventing themselves. 

The giveaway will end 11:59 PM EST on Friday, July 30th and a winner will be announced on Monday, August 1st.

Air Kisses,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blog Challenge 11 of 30: My Makeup Bag

I really do love floral prints.

Not sure why I have double the hand sanitizer O-o

Faves: MAC Ruby Woo & All My Purple Life

Yes Vaseline is still a staple in my bag and home (;

I rarely use this lip brush but this blotting powder is a guardian face angel!!

I get a lot of hangnails.

Time to throw this baby in the washer.

Here's what I'm packing? Is it too much or too little?

Hope you had a terrific Thursday.

Air Kisses, 

Every Body every wear: Nifty Thrifty

Deep in thought about what I'm going to share below (:
Today I saw a five year old holding her two month old sister while her mother was shopping. Da hell!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I did and I'm still saved. I was appalled *crickets*. Baby's head was being slung here and there. I high tailed it outta after I yelled because she almost dropped the baby who immediately started to cry. . And we wonder why our daughters think having babies are like having dolls. I H.A.T.E. seeing young girls with a baby on their hip. I say let a little girl be a little girl as long as you can keep them thinking it is cool.

I did get a chance to rock my new Aldo Goodstein wedges. I checked today and the price has gone up. Glad I made the purchase when my some of my favorite shoeaholics on Twitter encouraged me to. Get em' while they hot. I'm all for everyday low prices even if the store isn't Wal-mart. I've been stepping out of my comfort zone and wearing shorts. Most of them have been cutoffs and short. I found these cuties at either a local Goodwill or Salvation Army. I'm sure they were no more than $5-$10. I'm leaning more towards the latter. The gold belt was $4 and the bangles are a random mixture from various stores. I get accessories from Forever 21, H&M, New York & Co and anywhere else I can find them.The Salvatore Ferragamo handbag is also a nifty thrift. I had the strap repaired but it broke again today. Funny store, someone tried to buy it in Zara. I had it lying on the table. Confirmation that it was a really good find.

 I'm still being a homebody. Some days I feel guilty but the truth is I really needed this break to rest and get ready for the upcoming school year. If you keep up with legislation regarding education you should know we work hard and the expectations are becoming more stringent with less funding. So I'm resting my mind and planning in my head. 

Before I continue, please disregard the way my melons look. I need to find a bra I can wear with tank tops cause this strapless one sunk. If anyone can get me in contact with Farrah from Teen Mom who just got a breast implant PLEASE don't hesistate to email me. jokes...why not tap into the money source while available cause I sure ain't got it like that and I work 180 days every year. 

I purposely wore this today to participate in the EBEW challenge. I almost wore an orangy colored tank. Next time I do a remix with them I'll try color on color. I'd like to wear them to work with heels. What do you think? Is the length appropriate? Any other suggestions for rocking a nifty thrift?

Air Kisses,

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear
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