Friday, June 17, 2011

Budget Friendly Finds

I'm one of those individuals who becomes super excited when things go my way. Why because whatever it is reminds me that I'm loved, favored and someone is always ALWAYS watching out for me. I always see GOD'S hand at work in my life from finding a parking space to buying something on sale to finding out my students made tremendous growth on the FCAT 2.0 reading test (I tweeted about their success earlier today).

I've been looking for a straw purse for a week or so. I have a straw beach bag but I wanted to change up my looks with my maxi dresses while on vacation (soon) with my mom who recently graduated and KT.

I look for inspiration in a lot of places. Imagine the happy dance I did when I received my first F.R.E.E. issue of Lucky magazine and the straw totes were featured. Funny eh because I saw the article after making my purchase. See what I mean when I say GOD is always near & at work.

This story gets better. For the first time I visited a store called Syms. Have you heard of it? It reminds me of TJ Maxx. Totally overpriced but I perused the place since I had a free moment. I picked up a few things, tried them on but nothing gave me that you've found something great goosebump feeling. Weird eh?? I kept eyeing the straw hats and bags. The hats were $50. Huh? o.O I was gifted one that I think is just as cute from the dollar store at a mere cost of $3.

I decided to check out accessories and found two cute pairs of dangly earrings. The pair in the middle are from Bakers purchased a month or so ago. I thought of them after seeing the fantastic ones rocked by Evelyn on Basketball Wives Season 3. Aren't they kau-te? I'm being random and all over the place again. LOL!

I'd heard good things about Syms and so desperately wanted it to be true. It was ok. I eont be rushing back to shop. I did find a straw tote. It isn't flimsy nor extremely firm so I'll definitely need to go light with the contents. This won't be a problem since the vacation plan is to do nothing for a week while surrounded by nature trails, fishing lakes, tennis, 3 pools and other amenities including things for KT. I'm looking forward to putting away the leather handbags and enjoying a relaxed summer look with this tote.

Are you a fan of the straw bag/tote?


P. S. My apologies for the way pictures are only at the top of the post. I'm blogging from my phone and I can't manipulate the inclusion.of photos. Free app...don't judge me. ;)
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simplychic said...

i needed that straw bag for my vacation. good purchase.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

im in love with the summer bag! hot!

Anonymous said...

A good straw tote doesn’t need to be too firm or flimsy but right in the middle. Excellent choice, as usual; you always know how to find a bargain.


Unknown said...

I've heard of Syms. I love straw bags!

Style Chic 360 said...

I really need those earrings in the center!

I have a big turquiose straw bag that I haven't worn and I've had it for at least 7 years. I plan to rock it this summer.

Kerissa said...

I haven't been out much since this purchase but I'm still super excited to carry it. I even have a small overnight tote that was handmade. I got it on a cruise.

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