Tuesday, June 7, 2011

KT's Birthday Celebration

Saturday was a busy day for me. As some of you know, KT celebrated 12 years on the first. I did a special post for him with a few pictures that took us back to the beginning. His birthday always falls at the end of the school  year which is why I don’t plan a BIG bash. Usually we’ve shared a party with a cousin but now that he’s getting older and has friends who text and want to hang out, I try to do something to celebrate.

This year we did a movie at Muvico and pizza. Here are a few shots of the day’s event. Before I go I have to tell you kids’ really don’t need much. I know because my son was the happiest when he got his hand on a slurpee from the local gas station. He texted me in the movie and asked if I would go get one but I didn’t check my phone until after we left the theater. Opps sorry kiddo.

A BIG thanks to those who wished him a new year of happiness, for every card, call and gift. I’m blessed, he’s blessed and we aren’t really looking forward to me crying like someone stole my lunch money again next year. Yes, I cried Saturday morning like a baby. I’m not doing well with this tween thing. If you’ve been here before, I’m happy to read your advice.

Proud to be KT's

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Q said...

Look at KT with his grown-up party! Whatever happened to Chuck-E-Cheese! :) Despite my efforts to keep him small, he is growing into a wonderful young man. Love you and KT!

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