Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Wore Shorts

Friday I took my niece shopping. NY & Co had a really good sale plus we had coupons. I'd gladly be on a extreme couponing show for clothes shopping. We had a really good time. I felt like a personal stylist picking out dresses for her. She’s 12 and isn’t a big fan of being too girly girly but she’s beautiful. She even picked out a gorgeous purple dress to wear to a wedding.So I know she has style. Love you KyKa :)) Here is what I wore:

I haven’t been a fan much of wearing shorts. I always try to dress classy, fashionable but like a mommy. And I always felt like wearing shorts made me look as if I was trying to be a teeny bopper. Althought this summer I decided to get over it because I’m getting my Stella groove back. Mini-me is 12 years old and he won’t be with me forever. 
As I mentioned via Twitter, I made these cut offs with my little sister after seeing a spread in StyleWatch People magazine. I can’t wait to wear them again after they’ve been washed and unravel a bit more.

 Tank: Old Navy; Shorts: GAP 1969 made into cutoffs; Purse: Thrifted Sergio Ferragamo; Wedges: Dolce Vita for Target; Earrings: Gift; Shades: Goodwill

What do you think? Are they too short? Too young of a look?

Air kisses,


KC said...

Ooooh! Stripes make my heart flutter!
I think you still look chic and cool, not "teeny bopper-ish" at all. If you got it, honey, flaunt it! And you got it!
By the way, did you get that tank recently?

Kerissa said...

Hi Kish, thanks for stopping by & for the lovely comments. I've gotta catch up on your blog. I remember perusing it before and smiled because we shared teaching in common. Yes the tanks are in stores now on sale.

BlackPearl said...

I think you look amazing girl! you have a great body and wear shorts very well! I love the top, stripes are a new obsession of mine!

T.Davis said...

The Shorts look amazing on you!

Style Chic 360 said...

Umm no ma'am u do not look like a teeny bopper u look like on hot mama lol! But seriously I like the cutoffs and I'm also digging the stripes. Love those wedges too!

Kerissa said...

You all sure know how to flatter a sister. Great body. I did a good job sucking and holding, lolol. I felt really comfortable in them. I can't get enough of wearing my Dolce Vita wedges for Target. I can't get enough of Target :0)

Anonymous said...

Just traveled to Vero Beach Outlets on Tuesday in search on classy shorts. Hopefully, with great heels and a nice top...I still look professional.

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