Sunday, June 12, 2011

Colin Stuart for Victoria Secret: Platform Sandals

I have a shoe confession. Before I started this blog the only colored shoes I ever purchased were black, brown, red and pink. No longer. I’ve always been a fan of color. My wardrobe has never been stale when it comes to colors and prints. My mom is a very fashionable lady. My grandmother (her mother) is a stickler even with dementia for looking neat and presentable.

I’ve been checking in at Victoria's sale. My heart was set on these gold knotted pumps found here but they have been sold out for a month. I’m still looking for a cute pair of gold shoes, suggestions are welcome.

I was visiting Mrs. Vee while browsing the site and she suggested these and I made the purchase. I love them except for the plastic plug underneath the heel. Other than this one detail I have no complaints. I’ve tried them on and they are high just like I prefer and aren't painful to walk in.

I was a bit nervous after placing the order because I'm always reading reviews on products. Most of what I read was from 2008-2009 and negative. I read the shoes looked cheap, were poor quality (maybe seeing glue and bad stitching, I suppose) and painful (but we know some shoes just aren't made for walking or clubbing). I'm happy with them and plan to strut them soon. Let's hope the quality is good and holds up. I'm hard on a shoes.

Do you own any Colin Stuart shoes?

Air kisses,


High Heels & Good Meals! said...

I LOVE them and they look comfy to me, especially with the platform in the front. Give em' a chance! :)

Alida Sharp said...

those are gorgeous...not sure I could handle that heel but, you go girl!

Style Chic 360 said...

I don't own any c.s. shoes but those are cute love the color can't wait to see how you wear them.

TheFabChick said...

the color on those are awesome... i've heard all negative myself about colin stuart shoes... hopefully they have improved and will wear well for you.

Kerissa said...

@high Heels & Good Meals, I anxious to wear them and after looking at other shoes I own both expensive and non the plastic heel tap isn't a deal breaker.
@Alida, I hate flats. Thanks for stopping by.
@Inez, stay tuned love
@TheFabChich, I'll check with you before I buy anymore shoes.

Ashley said...

Those are really nice

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