Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Jean Day

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I spent the afternoon with my little sister and we made cutoffs. She gifted me two pair of GAP 1969 jeans and we went to work. I also used a pair of thrifted Levis that I purchased from Goodwill back in December.I'll do a post when I wear them.

The jeans I’m wearing in the photos were off limits for cutting. I’ve been looking for a pair of pre-ripped jeans for a year that weren’t expensive. My bestie Q, wore a pair last year during our birthday celebration. I wanted a pair from GAP (one of the best places to buy jeans) but I didn’t feel the need to pay $60 for them. Britt got these for…get this…$6. Love em.
I’m on summer break so I haven’t gone out much but today I had to go out. Read about my Wal-Mart adventure here on my Twitter.

So in honor of National Best Friend Day (which was yesterday) and my EBS and pal Q, I bring you another pair of jeans.

I think these jeans are lucky like these. I was sitting outside the doctor’s office today and a buff white dude walked by. He came back outside, walked past me again and then returned and asked me where I was from. I said my hometown. Ha! I need practice. Then he asked what was I. I told him African American and a drop of Indian. He smiled a charming smile and said, “I’m married but you are very attractive.” **whips my hair back and forth (;**

Now before you get the wrong idea about me. I DON’T DO MARRIED MEN. He made it very clear that is was only a compliment because he kept it moving and I continued reading on my Kindle. I think it was just GOD’S way of saying HE read my blogpost earlier this week and my Prince may not be a black man with locks that I’ve asked to have for ohhh so long. Lately I've been thinking that I’m willing to step outside the race box. 

Have you ever dated someone from another race? If so, what advice would you give?

Air Kisses,



Q said...

Awwww...tear! I am honored to get mentioned on your wonderful blog, especially on National Best Friend's Day! You look the laid-back chicness of the rip jeans and tee, but then set off with the red lip! Love ya bunches!

Chai said...

Love this! It is always nice to get compliments. Your attire is fabulous and comfortable...I heart those jeans. Love you!

Style Chic 360 said...

I like that..."he" was reading. I haven't dated outside my race either. But I'm definitely willing. :)

Kerissa said...

@Q, I certainly do credit being stylish to you darling. Love ya more!
@Chai, it is and we never fail to serve it up to each other. So glad you're a part of life. Love too!
@Inez, I had to pump my brakes on the dating. Refocused!

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