Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Music Lesson

KT has spent the last 8 days in band camp. Today is the final performance and I can't wait to see how he's grown as a drummer. I've always known that music would be a part of his world. My dad is a singer. He sang in a male's gospel group when I was growing up. He is also a great self taught drummer. I grew up singing in  the choir and have always had a deep love for music.

Last night he was watching videos on YouTube. He'll watch drummers, music groups we enjoy perform and songs he hears in church. The kid has a gift. He introduced me to Maroon 5, Coldplay, Canton Jones and One Republic. In 3rd grade became a fan of Duke Ellington thanks to his teacher, Mrs. Cornelius. He would listen to his one cd repeatedly. He will not go to bed without music or an audiobook playing on repeat. Yes, repeat. Do you know how many times I've heard Monster's Inc?!? A lot.

During his rehearsal class at camp Wednesday the instructor who also happens to be my co-worker and my school site's Band Director showed this video.

So many lessons here. For me, it was special because I'm going through a period of a major dream being on hold. This young lady's dream was delayed but not denied. In the end she was able to shine just as she had envisioned. I'm still holding on to my dream. I'm going to keep shining in the rain...strike that I'm going to dance. I don't have hair to worry about, lolol.

How special to me as a mother that my son found it moving enough to share with me. I asked him what he learned. He stated, "You can still be different and be a good person. You should just be yourself". I think he is beginning to understand that being a musician is a craft that requires dedication, practice, a lot of time, commitment and honesty. We've had some trouble with this in the beginning when he first entered band.

Music is such a universal language and can be used to teach valuable nuggets. I can't stress enough how important it is to expose our kids to a variety of things. It doesn't matter that I'm a single mom. Band is expensive but there are ways to get it done. Rent an instrument. Borrow cds from the library. Check out books about musicians and instruments from your local library. Ask a musician at your local House of Worship or college student who is studying music to give private lessons. The rates are much cheaper than a music school. Take your child to free concerts in your area. KT and I are frequenters of CBN, a free fountain-side concert series.  We go when they aren't playing our preferred genre of music. The plus is the experience. Who knows where this love will lead us, him.

What do you think of this video?

Air kisses,

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Description of Me

Here I am bringing you another YouTube video. Well this isn't really a video but the song speaks volumes to my greatest purpose here on earth.

My church family knows I will arrive at a service in true Divamom style but nothing hinders my worship. I love to L. O. V. E. Him!!!! The one who daily loads me with benfits (Psalms 68:19) to live fabulous.

Please enjoy the music ;)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From StyleChic360

If you aren't a follower of, you're missing a stylish treat. I've been following Inez's blog for a few months now. What I can say is she is curvy, confident, warm and inspiring. She finds items in stores such as Dots and Forever 21 and makes them look elegant and classy. You can find Inez dressed casually, for a day at work or night out with friends. Her looks aren't over the top and unrealistic for the everyday woman. This I can appreciate. My profession requires me to look a certain way and StylishChic360 knows exactly how to translate this. I MUST also mention her hair is fierce. If you like a short do, check out Inez's striking cut.

Recently Inez celebrated 117 followers and sponsored a giveaway. Guess who won {insert drumroll}? Yes, meeeee! Click this link to read about her giveaway ( and here to read about me being announced as the winner (

I finally opened the package today. Enjoy the photos showcasing what was inside. As s newbie to the blogsphere, I'm encouraged and find a reason to continue believing in the good in mankind when the connections to other bloggers reach a cooment after a post.

A special thanks to Inez for the lovely note & gift. Now go check out her blog.

"All I do is win, Win, WIN"!

Air Kisses,
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Monday, June 27, 2011


Good morning,

Just wanted to remind you and notify others that everything you need to be you is already inside of you. Decide today to be your best self. Be great. Muah, Xo!!


All photos via Tumblr or Google images. I do not take credit for any photos displayes in this post.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Reunion & Birthdays

Week 3 of summer break. Most days are quite uneventful but this week I made plans with two of my girlfriends. I met Mingo at Joes' Crab Shack for lunch. We sat for three hours talking and catching up. It was so worth getting lost on my way there to catch up after maybe 10 years. I can't remember if we saw each other anytime after KT was born. We had plans to hit the mall but ummm we were't able to find it. Can you believe that?! Unable to find a mall close by. Guess when I tweet Jesus be a fence around my wallet, He was really reading my tweets. I wore these shorts here . For this look I added a blazer from H&M worn here, tee from Target, Forever 21 necklace, gifted earrings, and shoes mentioned here. I'm loving my new Michael Kors bag that replaced my Antonio Melani. It was sad to return the AM handbag (the story here) but this on has received a warm reception.

Today is also very special because my grandmother is officially 93 years old. Although she suffers from Alzheimer and no longer remembers KT and I, I was sure to call and ask my Aunt to give Granny a hug and kiss for me. My goddaughter's mom shares the same day with my Granny. We are both teachers so I thought it would be fitting to go and see Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher. Boy was it a heeee-larious movie. You must see it. If you aren't a teacher, you'll find one you or your child or someone has encountered. Did I tell you this movie was super over-the-top mad funny? Check it out and let me know if you agree.

I dressed casual because it was my only outing for the day. Cutoffs were made from thrfited Levis, top from local Goodwill, Coach crossbody bag outlet and Dolce Vita wedges for Target. Do you own a pair? I swear every blogger does and I know why. They are comfy and oh so cute. Yes, I'm stoked about wearing shorts now. Something I rarely did and now I just can't get enough. These pictures were taken after a rain storm. I attempted to polish them as much as I could. Let me know your thoughts on the look. You know I value and appreciate you stopping by to give suggestions on how I can improve upon a look or switch it up


I'm teaching an online class for 3 weeks so I'm off to check the discussion board. Hope you have a fantabulous weekend.

Air Kisses,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Major Beauty isn't about Outerwear

Bishop Frederick Shimpan
God has been doing dynamic things in my life. Two weeks ago I was honored to share in honoring my Pastor as he was elevated to the office of Bishop. When I was asked at church to be a part of the ceremony I was dumbfounded. I mean this is a 300 member church and I, little ole me, the country girl living her GOD given dream, the one who amens the loudest and finishes the minister’s thought or yells out his next one before he is able to?  Yeah I was shocked that I was considered.

Just goes to show when it is your time to stand before GOD's people and be in the presence of great men and women who carry the gospel of Jesus Christ, nothing will prevent it. Coming up to the service, I kept pondering why I was chosen. It wasn’t that I can’t read scripture. It wasn’t that I felt I had arrived and been invited into what some people think is the “it” club in the church. I’m a PK (preacher’s kid) so I was born into it and decided to refuse my card. I’d rather serve and work for every success.

And then it dawned on me. Pastor chose people he felt would support his new position and the new journey the church is headed on as we continue to serve the community. For those who really know me, you know I love serving especially children. This generation is certainly in need of role models, prayer warriors and committed individuals & groups who won’t quit and give up on them.

The evening after the service I was showering and I begin to weep. I was just so full of joy. The ceremony was beautiful. I know saying it was beautiful seems minor but I've been in church all my life, seen weddings, funerals, revivals, miracles and met famous singers, musicians but nothing measured up to the presence of GOD in Winners Church that night. It was as if all of heaven was rejoicing with us as the events unfolded. It was a perfect day in the Kingdom.

I cried tears of joy because GOD allowed me to be in a place, position that I never dreamed about and I’m a DREAMER! I concluded that moment was just a glimpse of the plans GOD has for me (Jeremiah 29:11). Despite leaving my job this year feeling like I had been kicked in the gut and demoted to nothing, it came down to my identity being living as GOD’s girl. That in itself is the most glam life I can every live!

I don't want you to stop by here and see me all dolled up and click through my post thinking clothes are as deep as I get. When you build a career and you start to excel and the wind is snatched out of your sail, you can tumble if you don't know who you are, what is your purpose, what is/are your gift(s) and consult GOD as your journey. The facts point to one conclusion. GOD has chosen me to bless me and you too if you are ready. 

Are you ready?

Air Kisses,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Great Finds

As you know, I'm on summerbreak. My bed and I have this serious love affair going on. Nothing like a stack of magazines, Food TV and a well stocked kitchen.

Mini-me started band camp this week. On the way back from pick up, I made a quick stop at the Salvation Army and found these things plus a clutch for $17.

I have plans for these slacks. They remind me of my English teacher Mrs. Norton. She never wore them in color but she always had a nice blouse and heels on. She's the reason I became an educator and take pride in how I show up to work.

Can you believe these shoes? I'm not a BIG fan of pants or slacks. If you notice I'm usually in dresses. I have plans for these shoes and scarf. I saw a photo of FLOTUS in a grey, yellow and white dress. Stay tuned.

Hope your having a terrific Tuesday. I'm not a fan of this FREE bloggers app because of how the photos upload but free is FREE, right?

Air Kisses,
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Colorblocking Challenge

I wore this to church two weeks ago but decided to hold off posting it for a challenge held by  Flor de MarĂ­a Fashion and Nany’s Klozet. It’s inspired by "Bloggers do it Better" but with their our own twist to it.

Image credit

I had no idea this challenge was coming up but after wearing this pleated skirt (that I just so happen to love) I decided to participate. I put a lot of thought into what I wear to church. I've discussed this before so I won’t go into a rant. I do want to say that it is important to be able to dress for a variety of settings and occasions and you don't need a lot of money to do so. I thrift and use coupons when shopping. Blogging and magazines have helped me learn to mix and match things I already own. Staples are a must such as a good blazer or two, pencil skirts, a blouse and a great pair of heels and flats if you like them.

Challenging myself is why my style may appear inconsistent. What I wear on a dinner date may not be appropriate for church (length), skinny jeans for the weekend aren’t a good idea for a day in my classroom with 13 year old boys with hormones raging and the look here isn’t what I’d wear out dancing with my besties. I enjoy getting ideas from others and magazines and even just styling what I like. At the end of the day some trends are forever and others well they are here today gone tomorrow.

Thanks to Flor for inviting me to be a part of the challenge via Twitter.

Air kisses,

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

My dad surprised me & came to visit for the weekend. My son & I treated him to dinner and relaxed. The best part for me was my father asking me to pray with and for him before he left this morning TEARS!!!

I'm grateful my Dad was given an opportunity to right some wrongs and be a part of his grandson's life and I get to see a man with a quiet spirit. It means so much to me.

I know some people don't respect a dad or parent because they may not have been great at the job but I've learned to forgive, honor my father & the role GOD gave him to give me life.

If you are enstranged from your dad reach out today or any day. If your father is no longer here on earth pause and reflect on the happy times. If you're dad is near or far send a text, place a call, send an email or card. Just don't miss an opportunity to give honor where honor is due. After all God gave your dad YOU!

Happy Father's Day,
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Budget Friendly Finds

I'm one of those individuals who becomes super excited when things go my way. Why because whatever it is reminds me that I'm loved, favored and someone is always ALWAYS watching out for me. I always see GOD'S hand at work in my life from finding a parking space to buying something on sale to finding out my students made tremendous growth on the FCAT 2.0 reading test (I tweeted about their success earlier today).

I've been looking for a straw purse for a week or so. I have a straw beach bag but I wanted to change up my looks with my maxi dresses while on vacation (soon) with my mom who recently graduated and KT.

I look for inspiration in a lot of places. Imagine the happy dance I did when I received my first F.R.E.E. issue of Lucky magazine and the straw totes were featured. Funny eh because I saw the article after making my purchase. See what I mean when I say GOD is always near & at work.

This story gets better. For the first time I visited a store called Syms. Have you heard of it? It reminds me of TJ Maxx. Totally overpriced but I perused the place since I had a free moment. I picked up a few things, tried them on but nothing gave me that you've found something great goosebump feeling. Weird eh?? I kept eyeing the straw hats and bags. The hats were $50. Huh? o.O I was gifted one that I think is just as cute from the dollar store at a mere cost of $3.

I decided to check out accessories and found two cute pairs of dangly earrings. The pair in the middle are from Bakers purchased a month or so ago. I thought of them after seeing the fantastic ones rocked by Evelyn on Basketball Wives Season 3. Aren't they kau-te? I'm being random and all over the place again. LOL!

I'd heard good things about Syms and so desperately wanted it to be true. It was ok. I eont be rushing back to shop. I did find a straw tote. It isn't flimsy nor extremely firm so I'll definitely need to go light with the contents. This won't be a problem since the vacation plan is to do nothing for a week while surrounded by nature trails, fishing lakes, tennis, 3 pools and other amenities including things for KT. I'm looking forward to putting away the leather handbags and enjoying a relaxed summer look with this tote.

Are you a fan of the straw bag/tote?


P. S. My apologies for the way pictures are only at the top of the post. I'm blogging from my phone and I can't manipulate the inclusion.of photos. Free app...don't judge me. ;)
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Bloggers Do It Better: Neon & Neutral

I should be asleep but I'm up at 2 in the morning looking at FCAT scores and reading blogs. I don't really consider myself a fashion blogger as I mentioned to another blogger earlier. I do love fashion, my camera, makeup and in my head I'm a super model. 

Many of my favorite bloggers participate in challenges. I contemplated this one but had already rocked the neon look plus I'm on summer break. SN: there is nothing better than teaching and learning in your pjs with unrestricted access to the kitchen. If the challenge accepted an old post here is the look I would have submitted.

Image Credit

Do you participate regularly in blog challenges?

Happy Friday folks,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Blue

I met my BIG sister for appetizers and a bit of catching up at Ruby Tuesday’s last Sunday. We both live fast paced lives. She’s extremely busy being a wife, mom, businesswoman, serving at our church and the community. Me, I'm trying to hold down being a divamom with superpowers. This summer I'm taking a grad class, teaching two online classes and completing one of four required residencies for my doctoral program. Don't worry I am taking care of myself. There have been more lazy days since the beginning of summer break than outings.

I wasn’t sure about these shorts after I got them home from my local Goodwill but after playing around with them for a while I came up with this.

Your thoughts? Suggestions for how I can rock them other ways?

Shorts: Thrifted; Tank & ring: Old Navy; Sandals: Nine west
Air kisses,
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