Thursday, May 5, 2011

There Goes My Baby

Its almost that time again. In less than a month Mini-me or KT as he is affectionately known will be 12. Yikes!! I had a difficult time with him entering the double digits and heading off to middle school. This event may be earth shattering. Kidding :)

As I prepare to host the next bash at some tween appropriate location that will clean up the party for a ridiculous fee, I'm still not ready for him to be a 12 year old who is almost as tall as I am, who eats like a 16 year old and spends time texting (inset drum roll) girls on his Blackberry™.

Today as we left school a co-worker said how cute our mother-son relationship was. She encouraged KT to keep loving and appreciating me. He does. In so many ways. I'm so blessed to call him my son but I'm not in denial that shortly I won't be as cool in a few years as I am now. Sighs.

I'm not deeply sadden by this because I am striving to raise my son up with Christian values. I pray over him constantly. We talk about the hard topics from sex to peers. Most days his response is awwww ma. He's a bit shy (his father's trait). He is my first priority. I make it a point daily to hear about his day at school, what happened in band class or the cute girl he likes that texts in a foreign language. I mean really what does "nvm I gtg bye" mean?

I will definitely do a special post so you can celebrate his next new year. This post is to honor the 11 years we've had thus far. I started thinking about significant things that I always want him to remember. Then I begin thinking what if I recorded 11 memorable things/events/moments. Exciting right?

Well here it goes in no particular order:
1. The day he was born was the day my life was saved and my mom made me smothered pork chops, rice, corn bread and a veggie. That dinner will forever be etched in my mind. So yummy.
2. The song I made up for him when he was a baby that I recently stopped singing a few years ago. Embrassing right?
3. The year the Prince of Egypt was released. We saw it in a local theatre and I realized that day KT was my little King.
4. As a baby he preferred pots and pans to make music over toys. He is musically talented. I'm officially a band mom.
5. We were both huge fans of Winnie the Pooh.
6. The day my mom baptized him. It was a stormy day. We have had many real stormy days since that time but the two of us have avoided adding to negative statistics regarding single parenting.
7. His receipt of the Presidential Award last year for academics & Principal's Honor roll this year.
8. His first haircut. KT had the thickest bushest mane. He cried something awful that day. The cut wasn't really cute either. He had tracks in his hair from wearing braids, lolol. And now he loves being fresh..POW!
9. Moving to a city alone, just the two of us. I was scared. He trusted me. We've survived and we are enjoying life and where GOD has us at this moment.
10. Watching him fall in love with JESUS. Dude reads his bible almost daily!!! (coughs) I should step my game up. There is no greater reward than seeing your son or daughter develop a relationship with the Father.
11. Our travels. I'm. Single mom but I love traveling. We both have passports. We've used them. He's flown numerous times to other states. Now he shares with me and his NaNa places he'd like to go. Australia is on the list. I tell him staying in school and getting an education will help provide the means to see the world.

I'm looking forward to this upcoming year. The water we'll charter. The new paths we'll travel. The experiences we'll share and memories to extended our list.

Haaa as I close this post I remember Mother's Day is this weekend. Guess I'm using it to celebrate motherhood. KT thank you for choosing me to guide you. I love you more than words can express. I pray I am the type of mother you will come to with anything because I've shown you that as your grow I'll support you and your dreams.

I am KTsdIvAmOM, Xo.
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vwcrew6 said...

A young man he is becoming because of the love and guidance he has from you. You are a wonderful mom and Kt is blessed to have you as a mother. Your son is an images of you Strong,independent, loving,smart and most of all a person who loves GOD....Over the years I have seen the love that you share with each is beautiful and pure. Your son will alway be your baby,but a young handsome man he is becoming.. You know why because of all the love he receives..You live your life to give him all the love your heart can give... and that is what I love most about you....

Love MS V

Issa said...

Such a moving post. LOVE.

Kerissa said...

I'm so very proud to be his mother.

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