Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Days As A Bookworm

I've written a great deal about my love of learning and how much I enjoy school. I really do feel this way most of the time. At least up until a moment like today when I'm pressed for time at work and school. Today is the last day for me to complete a 15 page final project for my History and Development of Human Services course.Why am i not finished? Glad you asked ;)

Last Friday was our luncheon to celebrate my school's annual multicultural day. There was food and more food and more food from various countries. The kid and I feasted well. He was elated to skip school lunch for a day.

Later the same day, the 8th grade team hosted the prom/dance. This means my day started at 5am and didn't end until the last decoration came down after 10 PM. Boy was I E X H A U S T E D!!! I babysat kinda sorta the next morning but mostly slept all day on Saturday.

Sunday was library day. This is what I wore. Thanks to some of my favorite fashion bloggers I'm learning to wear things differently from their original purpose. I'd been wanting a striped skirt after seeing the same photo of Kim Kardashian everywhere. With no intentions of spending alot, I got lucky and found this dress in Dots. I scrunched it down, threw on a tank & jean jacket with my patent leather like sandals and.... just like that a comfy but cute combo.

Besides you can't go wrong with black and white. Plus ya never know where I might me a brother or potential date (still hopeful). I was never a sweats and hoodie girl even during my college days at FSU studying in Stozier. What say you? How do you dress for a library visits?

P. S. I was treated to some new arm candy from Macy's (Antonio Melani satchel).

Hope your Monday is as magnificent as you are, Xo.

Air Kisses,
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Alissa said...

First, such a cute outfit. I love stripe anything. A 15 page paper, boy, do I remember those days and I do not miss them, Well,I do kind of miss being in school.

Style Chic 360 said...

Oh, wow, good luck with finishing your paper!

You look great I love that skirt. See you do find great things from dots! I need that skirt!

StylePantry said...

Oh, wow, nice skirt on you. Very flattering, and I like how you paired it with a denim jacket. Love it.

Good luck with your paper, girl.

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Very cute and those cupcakes below look sooo good!

Kerissa said...

I love learning and wish I could attend graduate school full time but who would foot my stylish bill...umm NOONE so I'm all about both roles. I really like the fit of the dress/skirt. It looked better than I initially thought it did. Can't wait to restyle it and get another wearing. You all are so appreciated for visiting here, thanks :))

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