Friday, May 6, 2011

Mixed Patterns

On Tuesday I stepped outside my comfort zone a little. Yes, I know I'm a bit zealous for floral prints. I found this striped sweater on the clearance rack at Target this weekend while grocery shopping. I know what you are thinking. The sections aren’t close to each other. I’m just the type of girl who walks all over the store sometimes up each food aisle.

The skirt is remixed. I purchased this a few years back from GAP along with the purse. I was captivated by the floral print and the colors are so vibrant. My old roommate is an AKA so I’m certain she’ll be delighted when she sees this post. The shoes are some off brand from Marshall’s I purchased a year ago for my birthday bash with the besties.

This weekend I’m babysitting my niece PJ. I hope this goes well. She often times cries and gets upset about coming over until she arrives and her mom drives off. It rained today so I’m hoping for good weather so we can go to the park. I need to get moving. I’ve noticed the thighs are spreading again and I was really beginning to like the way my skinny jeans fit (not too tight).

I know someone who reads that last line is rolling their eyes but hey this is my blog and I can state how I view my body right? I am blessed to have a tiny waist and a little meat on the thigh and in the buttock area. Love you for it mom! Depending on the stress level in my life I can be a mini Fantasia or a strong Jennifer Hudson in her new body. Ok so maybe not these folks J.

Besides hoping for a killer body, I wish I had more time to spend with my Kindle. I love my eReader. I would insert hearts but I don’t know how to do emoticons in MS. I try to stay up late after doing homework some nights but lately it’s been impossible. Summer days will bring about quiet evenings at home in bed with a glass of wine and a free book on my device. I probably have about 60 books and only 2 were purchased (my textbooks for my current class).

Do you have a favorite electronic gadget? Do share.

Happy Friday,

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Alicia said...

I still haven't gotten used to the whole kindle thingy. LOL. Call me old school, but I like book books. Love your outfit. Work it!!!!

Juanette said...

I love your glasses, too chic!

LV said...

I love those colors! Great ourfit. That handbag is gorgeous and I love that hairstyle on you. Simply gorgeous.

Ashley said...

You look GREAT dahling.
Random, I wish I could pull off short hair like you.

RevealingBeaute said...

Love the colors and you look really cute as always!!!

LaTosha Brown said...

Great pictures. You look too cute. I just ran across your blog. I really like it. Please visit my blog It's All About Love at

Kerissa said...

@Alicia, I love my Kindle on both my Android device and the actual eReader. I haven't paid a dime for any of my books and recently they are moving towards library sharing.

@Juanette, I love your blog. So honored you stopped by.

@LV,@Ashley, @RevealingBeaute and @LaTosha blushing. Dressing up helps my outlook on life. I look good, I feel good, I teach really good. Ha ha haaa :)

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