Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little Ms. Scatterbrain

That title is true. No kidding. I'm in the business of losing things lately and finding them a tad bit later than when needed.

Case in point, my Adele cd has been missing for a few days now. No idea where I placed it after ripping it to my iTunes. I can't find my MAC nude lipstick Call My Bluff from the In The Groove collection. Like really who misplaces a $14 tube of lipstick? Me! There wasn't much left but I really liked it.

Not earth shattering enough for you? Saturday around 5pm the kid and I were headed to the barbershop. He has a field trip this week downtown and he has to go looking debonaire. I digressed....well we had to run back inside the apartment for something. I don't quite remember what.

Being the camera addict that I am and because I was wearing a look with shorts for the first time I asked him to take two pics with my phone. I needed to see if the look was blog worthy. Operating in scatterbrain mode I placed the key ring housing all the keys except for the truck on the back ledge of the car.

We jump in the truck drive off and I think nothing else about it until I return home really late and realize I drove off with the key on the back of my truck. We looked for two hours. I checked the parking lot and re-drove (is this a word) my route I took earlier. No key!!!!!! I wanted to brawl like a hungry newborn. I prayed. I fought off thoughts of anger. I called myself stupid, a idiot and banged my forehead on the steering wheel. Still no key.

What mother makes such a mistake?? I apologized profusely to my son. I'm able to say we had someplace to sleep but we missed morning worship. I know the maintenance guy and he was really cool assisting. All I can chalk this up to is being a juggler of HOH (Head of Household), parenting, educator (this job isn't what you think for those who are committed), grad student, sister, daughter, friend and addict of social media. Hey, I'm being honest :)

I'm looking forward to summer break. Moms and I want to do something where we don't have to do anything especially a lot of thinking. A vacation ASAP! We both need time to rest our mind.

Have you ever been a scatterbrain?

P. S. This is one of those times when being single sucks.

Air kisses (I didn't forget),

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Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, and yes! Mine started during pregnancy and everyone said, "Oh baby brain. Don't worry, it'll go away." Um, my son is 2.5 yrs old and it's still here. I remember the most random things and forget the simplest. I blame multitasking. Sorry about your Adele CD, MAC **faints a little** and your keys.

simplychic said...

awww :( you are not alone. so many ppl have so much on their plate and are running at 150 mph just like you. just make sure that in all your busyness you take time to enjoy the sunshine. i constantly remind myself of this.

Kerissa said...

@mrstdj, it was awful but I'm learning to dance in the rain and not take bumps in the road to seioisly since life happens. I founs my MAC Lillie. It was in my makeup bag but had fallen over (please reference title of this post), lol.

@simplychic, thanks for the reminder to take care of me. Today was sleep in day. It's almost time for my second nap :))

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