Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Got Mail

I had a rough day at work. The end of the school year is always extremely (wish I could stretch this word out like a piece of footlong bubble gum) busy and bursting with end of the year activities.

I came home to find mail that made me wanna do a cartwheel! Just an fyi: I can not for the life of me do a cartwheel. Phooey....humph :(

The scarf which arrived last week was a winning from a giveaway at I use to always say I never win anything and now I've won three items to accessorize since I started blogging. Guess this means I need to reciprocate. Stay tuned. I'll soon have something in the works.

Now on to the reason for this post. I found these wedges at a random site BAREFEETSHOES.COM after seeing the Madden Westil leopard platform wedges at LuLu'

I can't wait to wear these. When I opened the box, KT said they were cute. Thumbs up to an 11 year old with great taste and to these exciting wedges at half the price of the Maddens.

Have you ever ordered from BAREFEETSHOES.COM? How would you style these wedges?

Air Kisses,

P. S. Sorry about the pics being all up top. I'm blogging from my phone and I don't have full capabilities on my blogger app. Should I purchase one?
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Roodlyne said...

Oh my! These are sick! Im so heading to that site now. ;) shoe how I love thee

Ashley said...

I've never heard of the site. Those wedges are too cute! I loveeeee cheetah & leopard print. Congrats on winning your first giveaway :)

Prissy said...

Glad the shoes brightened your day! They are HOT! I love them. Yes, I order from BareFeet all the time. they have cute stuff and good prices


Katie Mac said...

Wow, my two favorite things leopard and a wedge heel. …Nice!

Style Chic 360 said...

I've never ordered from them...but man I should!

Those are hott!

Alissa said...

Those shoes are baaad! I'm going to the site now to check them out. You won't mind if we are twins right? :)

Kerissa said...

I actually wore them today for casual Sunday. Stay tuned for a blog post showing the look. Shoe shopping is always a pick me up. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this site. Let me know if you ladies find anything that might be of interest to me since I really NEED another pair of shoes. Thanks for all the lovely comments :)

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