Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Get So Emotional Baby.

Monday night I attended Women's meeting which is a weekly service at my church. I haven't attended in a few years. Not because the service isn't good but because I'm juggling a few things and I can't be away from home every night. I do attend Wednesday service (Family Night) and Sunday morning worship on a regular. This bit of info is to calm all the saints down. I wanted to support a friend. Boy, was I glad I showed up. The focus of her message was on emotions. Women are emotional creatures by design. I believe we can all agree on this. That isn't to say men don't experience emotions but we tend to react based on how we feel. 

This truth is one reason I make it a habit to always look my best. Even when I'm extremely tired and not feeling like it, dressing up gives me a boost. Mrs. F. T. shared with us different emotions beginning with the letter A all the way to Z. Whew! That solidifies that we can go through a range of changes, right? It wasn't a negative message in any way. For me it was a reminder that I should strive to live in a spirit of excellence. 

How do I live this way?  By learning to control my emotions. By deciding to not be ruled by my emotions. I've made choices based on a moment of weakness or anger or grief or happiness or jealously or bitterness or pride or joy or anxiety or humility. I can go on and on. I made of point of sharing with the ladies how humorous GOD is after she concluded her message and a hands on activity where we acted out a scenario based on different emotions. We can have similar experiences and react in different ways. Our reaction determines the outcome now and later. 

Recently, I was given a project at work at the last minute (according to my calendar) that will take some time to complete. My initial response due to all that's has happened on my job this school year was to be irked and just do it without really caring as long as it was done. Nooopppeee, I couldn't do it in that spirit. Why? My work is my ministry and my ministry is about the children who enter the halls of the school where I am fortunate to work. I had to make a attitude adjustment and change my emotional state.

My prayer became a request for GOD to grant me favor that I would complete the task by the upcoming deadline and do it with a spirit of excellence. I crushed all the negative emotions with that move! I know there will be many more tests to teach me to be an overcomer in the area of emotions. I may not even be ready for the next challenge and I might falter but this once I took the high road.  GOD wants us to mature as we journey along in this life. 

I'm proud of myself for moving forward. I'm still working on not being angry about the other stuff. The year is almost over and I believe with all my heart that I have served my students well. Besides who can go to work in a sad mood wearing this skirt? Why ruin a perfectly sunny day given to me to be great :)

Shoes: Michael Kors/Hangbag: Steve Madden

Mean face thanks to the bright sun.

A fav statement necklace from H & M.

Check out the faint hint of sparkle in the skirt.

How do you deal with emotional days? Oh and for inquiring minds, I found this skirt last week for $4 at.... my local Goodwill!

Air Kisses,

P. S. A special thanks to my niece KyKy for taking these photos and giving KT a break. He reminded me today I said I'd pay him for his photography skills. Out of the mouth of a babe!


Juanette said...

I love that skirt (I think our Goodwills are expensive in Texas, I've never gotten a $4 skirt there, lol!)

On emotional days, I sometimes have myself a good cry for about 5 minutes and then tell myself to suck it up! I will listen to "Encourage Yourself" by Donald Lawrence or Leah Smith "Beautifully Made" and that works for me.

Zarna said...

that dress is beautiful!

i agree that sometimes as women we have to learn to make less emotional decisions! sometimes i get overwhelmed by my emotions!

RevealingBeaute said...

Thanks for sharing this. Our emotions definitely come with a mind of their own but we have to force ourselves to deal with them and move forward. Making the right decisions consistently takes practice but we're "women" and we can do it!

Kerissa said...

@Juanette, I have a friend from college in Texas and plan to visit soon. I'll be sure to avoid the local Goodwills. I agree a good song always uplift my spirit.

@Zarna, taking a moment to pause and really weigh our decison can make or break the next phase of our life.

@RevealingBeaute, before I moved to a new city with no family I was an emotionalk whimp. Becoming HOH forced me to deal and I'm getting stronger with each tear :)

Prissy said...

Ooooh such a pretty skirt!!!!

mispapelicos said...

Loving your sence of colour and style, adding you to my blogroll.

Licious said...

Outstanding, as usual!! Brava!

ibid. said...

Thank you for this.

GFS said...

When I'm in a "funk" is I call it...I tend to retreat. I don't want to talk. I just want to be. I want to be in my space and think.

Loving this skirt!

Kerissa said...

@Prissy, only 4 bucks!!
@Sacramento, thanks for stopping by. I plan to check you out this weekend.

Katie | FashionFrugality.com said...

I am head over heels in love with this outfit... oh my goodness, I would have snatched up that skirt for sure! LOVE the necklace with this - it adds such an edge! :)

Anonymous said...

You are such and inspiration in all that you do cousin. That is why you are my shero! That skirt is on point. Could it be that brains,beauty,and the ability to stay fashionable on a bargain is embedded in our D.N.A.? Love Keba

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