Sunday, May 8, 2011


The reason I can celebrate this holiday.

I must be honest and tell you I am so not a fan of Mother’s Day. But I am fully aware that KT is the best gift GOD has ever given me and for that reason alone I make the best of the day. I don’t want to wait until May 8th to be celebrated so I don't. The job of  mothering is difficult but I had a fine example (thanks Mother) and after almost 12 years I think I have the hang of it. This isn't to be boastful but I do a good job of parenting my tween while being fabulous. I hereby take this day to salute myself. 

I also want to honor those currently or who have acted in the role of a mother, sister or friend since my arrival here in South Florida almost 8 years ago. I take this time to salute the women and single men who are holding it down with little people. While others are busy publishing negative statistics, we are busy pushing past every obstacle and challenging our children to live in a spirit of excellence.

May you always find strength in your child(rens) eyes to stay focus on the goal of rearing them to be GOD fearing, faith filled, productive citizens here in our world.

Be sure to take some time for yourself. I use this time to buy myself a gift of two J  See I told you I make the best of it (giggles). Now is a good time to introduce my new Jessica Simpson Endos. 

I love them but not as much as the woman who is my biggest cheerleader. I'm so very honored to be here babygirl.

I love your smile
Thanks for all the text, emails, tweets and Facebook wall posts wishing me a diva mom kinda day.

P. S. The Dooney & Burke handbag was a Goodwill find!!

Air kisses,


Nikki said...

I agree we should celebrate motherhood and all that is fabulous about us every chance we get...not just one day in May!

Laurel said...

I salute you too! You look beautiful in this orange dress, and bravo for doing all that you do. I am so happy you found my blog, thanks for the sweet comment and I hope you are gonna maxi it up this summer! I can't wait to see!

Unknown said...

again, Happy Mother's day. Beautiful fam

Emily said...

You go girl! Happy Mother's Day! That color looks great on you by the way.


Kerissa said...

This Mother's Day was memorable. It usually is difficult but I started pushing myself last year to enjoy it and I'm finally coming full circle. How can I Not celebrate the beautiful life I carried and birthed?

Chandra @ShiftC said...

Best looking mom hands down. You look radiant and beautiful. I love those shoes! You look stunning from head to toe.

KTS Mom:
You are wonderful.
You are inspiring.
You are amazing.
You are outstanding.

I'm glad the Twittersphere allowed us to cross paths. Have a great weekend!

Chandra @ShiftC

Kerissa said...

@Chandra, thanks for being such a beautiful presence in my virtual world. I really enjoy interacting with you. Those shoes made me feel really special for my day of celebrating motherhood. Xo

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