Monday, May 16, 2011

Green Light

My plans were to post this look on Friday. I had the actual post all written out and saved on my computer. Well that didn’t happen and my weekend didn’t go as planned. I’ve be sharing that with you soon. It’s a story that deserves its own posting. When I say that you will enjoy, you will…guaranteed. If you follow me on Twitter you already know this look sparked a comment at work from someone that a. needs a life and b. needs a life. End of discussion. My Big Sister (in my virtual world) declared me the undefeated champion. Boy did I laugh and laugh and laugh at the rebuttal she suggested. Thanks Reiko

Those really are my lashes. Naturally grown. No need to be jealous.
Anyhooo I’m proud of myself with this one. I’ve worn this skirt a few times but never with a t-shirt. I purchased this Norma Kamali from Wal-Mart about 2 or more years ago. I snatched the tag off it this morning and decided I’d try to something different. 

The heels are old by Steve Madden via Ross or Marshall's. Steven Madden handbag was a steal at Macy's for $42. Yep, my Goddie sent me money for my birthday and this is what I got myself. The green sunnies are Nine West from Marshall's for a whopping *inserts drum roll* $10.  This divamom is a mom first. Gotta stretch my coins :) The necklace Forever 21 and is now 2 strands. Popped one the day I wore it chasing down my $32 I dropped outside a classroom door. No the kids weren't going to just return it...sighs. And since you are looking for a Goodwill find the belt was a dollar. Ha, you didn't think I gave up thrifitng did you? My cute starfish ring was worn in this post. I got it at Marshall's as a Mother's Day gift to myself. Me and the sea have a tight bond. 

I love the bright color of the tee and decided to let that be the focal point of this look. I couldn’t resist a bold lippie. I’m wearing Revlon’s Moon Drops Lipstick in Lilac Champagne with the super lustrous lip-gloss in Pink Pop. Oh how I love this gloss.
Note this photo was taken after work and the necklace is two strands (:
This outfit makes me wasn’t to dance to John Legend’s Green Light. I swear this tee glows in the dark. It really doesn’t but isn’t it a vivrant thang. Hey that’s a song title too. A Tribe Called Quest right?
That is NOT my car but I'd certainly drive it.  Yeppers!
I’m writing a paper on integrating technology in the K-12 classroom for my History and Development of Human Services class. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up so I just continue learning new things. So off I go. Hope you had a happy weekend.

Air Kisses,


Style Chic 360 said...

I really love your outfit and I LOVE love that pink lip with the green. :)

Green Light is also one of my fave songs!

mispapelicos said...

I am a confess lover of skirt, so imagen how I felt when I saw your outfit, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh: perfection caress by the palm trees.
Loving your short hair and big earrings.
You are fabulous!!

Juanette said...

I LOVE that skirt! I wish you weren't such a dang shortie because then I would make plans to steal it!

Ashley said...

You look lovely. I love your top. Everyone is finding great things when their thrifting.

BlackPearl said...

I love your skirt!!! It looks amazing on you!

Kerissa said...

@Inez, I new to makeup but I'm having fun.

@Sacramento, I'm a big fan of skirts to. I rarely wear pants or trousers unless the weather really calls for it. I love my hair so very VERY much too.

@Juanette, trade ya another item from SFAM :)

@Ashely, I have to credit this shirt to the famous Wal-mart.

@Linka, thanks hun for the sweet comment. Hope you and the family are well.

Blessings to all!!

keren said...

Just like Inez, I love the bright green and the subtle pink lip. And the black skirt balances it.

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Beautiful! I love it! You have great style.

Anonymous said...

great look!the bright color is making me yearnnnnn for summer!

Chic Therapy said...

love love this look!!!You look so gorgy

T.Davis said...

Yes girl this outfit is giving me LIFE!!! I love color!

Prissy said...

I love this skirt!!! I also love the bright tee you paired with it.


Alicia said...

I love the skirt and the shirt that POPS like no other. You're definitely working it!

simplychic said...

beyond fabulous! that color is gorgeous against your brown skin :)

K. Rock said...

I like the look! And neon colors are my thing so the green is awesome.

StylePantry said...

I can't tell you enough. YOU ARE GORGEOUS! That first picture is my favorite, though you are looking down.

PS- You have the best shaped head. I'm not weird, I promise :)

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