Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cupcake Wars

The kid and I are H U G E FoodTv junkies. We like everything from Downhome with the Neely's to Iron Chef to Hell's Kitchen to Cake Boss to Cupcake Wars.

Well I've been going on and on for a few weeks now about finding a bakery or pastry shop nearby where I can get real cupcakes (no disrespect to you Publix).

Friday after work I decided to check out Ross and Marshall's shoe department since 1. they are in the same plaza and 2. I'm still looking to add shoes with color to my collection. I didn't find anything (major sadface as my closet exhales) but I was cheered up quickly when I found Battercup Cupcakes.

I originally thought it was my favorite smoothie shop Jamba Juice from the colors. Well it was a coffee shop. I had a pecan caramel and red velvet cupcake. Yummiest! KT had frozen yogurt with mini gummy bears. He loved it.

Now we have a new spot to have visit when I just need to get out of the house and take a study break. Please don't be jealous Panera Bread we adore you oh so much.

What is your favorite spot for a breather?

Air kisses & a wonderful weekend to you,
~dIvAmOm ~
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Style Chic 360 said...

Ooh those cuppies look yummy!!

I'm a homebody so my fav place is my home. But I live alone so I'm trying to find a nice place outside of home

Annie O. said...

I think there's a new-ish dedicated cupcake bakery in CityPlace near the Himmel, but I haven' been inside yet. And I'm making Meyer lemon cupcakes tomorrow afternoon -- you know I will always hook you up, lady... ♥

Alycia said...

You must try camicakes if you ever visit jacksonville or atlanta. They are delicious and the BEST! The company is owned by our homegirl-and my cousin-Andra Norton. You won't be disappointed. Until you can make it up north stick with that place to hold you until you can get to the best. LOL

keren said...

I relish a local coffee shop here. Gimme a latte and slice of carrot cake please.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Yammy cupcakes! Made me feel hungrrry!

Inside and Outside Blog

Alissa said...

Umm, feel free to send me any carrot cake cupckakes. I am a carrot cake fiend. I want it to be my wedding cake.

StylePantry said...

I'm with you on being HUGE foodtv junkies. My husband is a chef, but not professionally. He is in entertainment, but loves cooking. That's why we started - all the stuff he cooks at home. Lol

Cake is my weakness!!!

You and your little prince are so cute.

Kerissa said...

I'm always battling a sweet tooth but I take care to be proactive in my dental hygiene. I don't want to lose these pearly whites. I finished my paper over a 3 day period and was super exhausted but I'm proud of myself for finishing yet another doctoral class. As always, I'm honored each of you stopped by to share your thoughts here, muah!

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