Monday, May 30, 2011

Remixed Thrifted Green Dress

I really like this dress I found at a local thrift store last year. I wore it here and pulled it out last week for a remix. I know some folks think I never wear the same thing twice. The truth is I try not to wear it the same way twice. Its like buying a classic piece or an entire ensemble, you aren't required to keep it together. You can pair a suit jacket with a pair of jeans or a skirt from a suit with a blouse and pumps. Do what works for you. 

In other news, I had to return the handbag because the handle was unraveling. Can you believe the salesclerk asked me if I tried to fix it with glue. Umm no ma'am I most certainly did not try to glue a designer handbag that wasn't in the clearance rack bin. I really loved the bag but not enough to let the poor quality slide. So I'm shopping for a bag soon. I'm hoping for new arm candy for the new school year. Suggestions?

This week is my final week heading off to work. We are off for the summer. I'm taking two graduate courses and relaxing. I still plan to blog but I won't be putting on my teacher attire. Just wanted to warn you. My blog isn't dedicated solely to fashion but it is something I love. I promise to write about my exciting study sessions and trips to free events this summer. I hope you'll stick around and continue to read and comment. What would this blog be without you?

Hope you enjoyed the weekend. How was Memorial Day?

Air Kisses,

P.S. Any suggestions for getting my pictures to all post the same size?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dance Baby Dance

I hope everyone is enjoying the extended. I sure am. Today I spent a few hours on the beach, my favorite place. Today marks the final week of my graduate class. I DID GET MY PAPER FINISHED. THANKS FOR ALL THE WELL WISHES AND ENCOURAGEMENT. You all won't believe how excited I am to have the final week of school off from grad school. There have been so many activities for the outgoing 8th graders and I've been busying supporting my team. Two weeks ago the team hosted the 8th grade dance. It was really nice minus the way students dance today in the presence of adults. The event was semi-formal and I had every intention on wearing a more appropriate dress but the day was overbooked. Earlier the ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) Department hosted our Multicultural Luncheon.If you follow me on Twitter you can see all the wonderful displays I tweeted featuring various locations around the world. This is one of my favorite photos and this one.

I wore this dress to help serve at the Multicultural Fair. I have a thing for flared Spanish dresses. I know random but it's so very true. I absolutely adore the Spanish teacher at my school. KT was her student aide this year and she was so very kind to him.

This look had to take me through the whole day and night. I had not time to shower and change into more appropriate attire. We decorated right after the dismissal bell and soon after students were returning to start the event and I was sent to my post which was dance floor supervision. I had a fun night with the kids. I took a few pictures of some looks that stood out. I'll post them later.

What did I learn from this experience? My son will not be attending any dances! I'm soo kidding. Only one week until  his 12th birthday. The day has been planned but no invites have been delivered. I really should do better but my life is a whirlwind most of the time. I'm thinking of the advice Angela Bassett gave to her daughter in 'Jumping the Broom' (I'll save my review for another post but I will say save your dollars!) the day of her wedding. Marriage is like a dance and as long as the music plays one should keep dancing. Sounds like advice I can use to juggle my many hats. Besides when I need to release some frustration I usually turn the radio up at home and dance around my apartment and in the mirror.

Are you a dancer?

Air Kisses,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Got Mail

I had a rough day at work. The end of the school year is always extremely (wish I could stretch this word out like a piece of footlong bubble gum) busy and bursting with end of the year activities.

I came home to find mail that made me wanna do a cartwheel! Just an fyi: I can not for the life of me do a cartwheel. Phooey....humph :(

The scarf which arrived last week was a winning from a giveaway at I use to always say I never win anything and now I've won three items to accessorize since I started blogging. Guess this means I need to reciprocate. Stay tuned. I'll soon have something in the works.

Now on to the reason for this post. I found these wedges at a random site BAREFEETSHOES.COM after seeing the Madden Westil leopard platform wedges at LuLu'

I can't wait to wear these. When I opened the box, KT said they were cute. Thumbs up to an 11 year old with great taste and to these exciting wedges at half the price of the Maddens.

Have you ever ordered from BAREFEETSHOES.COM? How would you style these wedges?

Air Kisses,

P. S. Sorry about the pics being all up top. I'm blogging from my phone and I don't have full capabilities on my blogger app. Should I purchase one?
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Days As A Bookworm

I've written a great deal about my love of learning and how much I enjoy school. I really do feel this way most of the time. At least up until a moment like today when I'm pressed for time at work and school. Today is the last day for me to complete a 15 page final project for my History and Development of Human Services course.Why am i not finished? Glad you asked ;)

Last Friday was our luncheon to celebrate my school's annual multicultural day. There was food and more food and more food from various countries. The kid and I feasted well. He was elated to skip school lunch for a day.

Later the same day, the 8th grade team hosted the prom/dance. This means my day started at 5am and didn't end until the last decoration came down after 10 PM. Boy was I E X H A U S T E D!!! I babysat kinda sorta the next morning but mostly slept all day on Saturday.

Sunday was library day. This is what I wore. Thanks to some of my favorite fashion bloggers I'm learning to wear things differently from their original purpose. I'd been wanting a striped skirt after seeing the same photo of Kim Kardashian everywhere. With no intentions of spending alot, I got lucky and found this dress in Dots. I scrunched it down, threw on a tank & jean jacket with my patent leather like sandals and.... just like that a comfy but cute combo.

Besides you can't go wrong with black and white. Plus ya never know where I might me a brother or potential date (still hopeful). I was never a sweats and hoodie girl even during my college days at FSU studying in Stozier. What say you? How do you dress for a library visits?

P. S. I was treated to some new arm candy from Macy's (Antonio Melani satchel).

Hope your Monday is as magnificent as you are, Xo.

Air Kisses,
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cupcake Wars

The kid and I are H U G E FoodTv junkies. We like everything from Downhome with the Neely's to Iron Chef to Hell's Kitchen to Cake Boss to Cupcake Wars.

Well I've been going on and on for a few weeks now about finding a bakery or pastry shop nearby where I can get real cupcakes (no disrespect to you Publix).

Friday after work I decided to check out Ross and Marshall's shoe department since 1. they are in the same plaza and 2. I'm still looking to add shoes with color to my collection. I didn't find anything (major sadface as my closet exhales) but I was cheered up quickly when I found Battercup Cupcakes.

I originally thought it was my favorite smoothie shop Jamba Juice from the colors. Well it was a coffee shop. I had a pecan caramel and red velvet cupcake. Yummiest! KT had frozen yogurt with mini gummy bears. He loved it.

Now we have a new spot to have visit when I just need to get out of the house and take a study break. Please don't be jealous Panera Bread we adore you oh so much.

What is your favorite spot for a breather?

Air kisses & a wonderful weekend to you,
~dIvAmOm ~
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little Ms. Scatterbrain

That title is true. No kidding. I'm in the business of losing things lately and finding them a tad bit later than when needed.

Case in point, my Adele cd has been missing for a few days now. No idea where I placed it after ripping it to my iTunes. I can't find my MAC nude lipstick Call My Bluff from the In The Groove collection. Like really who misplaces a $14 tube of lipstick? Me! There wasn't much left but I really liked it.

Not earth shattering enough for you? Saturday around 5pm the kid and I were headed to the barbershop. He has a field trip this week downtown and he has to go looking debonaire. I digressed....well we had to run back inside the apartment for something. I don't quite remember what.

Being the camera addict that I am and because I was wearing a look with shorts for the first time I asked him to take two pics with my phone. I needed to see if the look was blog worthy. Operating in scatterbrain mode I placed the key ring housing all the keys except for the truck on the back ledge of the car.

We jump in the truck drive off and I think nothing else about it until I return home really late and realize I drove off with the key on the back of my truck. We looked for two hours. I checked the parking lot and re-drove (is this a word) my route I took earlier. No key!!!!!! I wanted to brawl like a hungry newborn. I prayed. I fought off thoughts of anger. I called myself stupid, a idiot and banged my forehead on the steering wheel. Still no key.

What mother makes such a mistake?? I apologized profusely to my son. I'm able to say we had someplace to sleep but we missed morning worship. I know the maintenance guy and he was really cool assisting. All I can chalk this up to is being a juggler of HOH (Head of Household), parenting, educator (this job isn't what you think for those who are committed), grad student, sister, daughter, friend and addict of social media. Hey, I'm being honest :)

I'm looking forward to summer break. Moms and I want to do something where we don't have to do anything especially a lot of thinking. A vacation ASAP! We both need time to rest our mind.

Have you ever been a scatterbrain?

P. S. This is one of those times when being single sucks.

Air kisses (I didn't forget),

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Green Light

My plans were to post this look on Friday. I had the actual post all written out and saved on my computer. Well that didn’t happen and my weekend didn’t go as planned. I’ve be sharing that with you soon. It’s a story that deserves its own posting. When I say that you will enjoy, you will…guaranteed. If you follow me on Twitter you already know this look sparked a comment at work from someone that a. needs a life and b. needs a life. End of discussion. My Big Sister (in my virtual world) declared me the undefeated champion. Boy did I laugh and laugh and laugh at the rebuttal she suggested. Thanks Reiko

Those really are my lashes. Naturally grown. No need to be jealous.
Anyhooo I’m proud of myself with this one. I’ve worn this skirt a few times but never with a t-shirt. I purchased this Norma Kamali from Wal-Mart about 2 or more years ago. I snatched the tag off it this morning and decided I’d try to something different. 

The heels are old by Steve Madden via Ross or Marshall's. Steven Madden handbag was a steal at Macy's for $42. Yep, my Goddie sent me money for my birthday and this is what I got myself. The green sunnies are Nine West from Marshall's for a whopping *inserts drum roll* $10.  This divamom is a mom first. Gotta stretch my coins :) The necklace Forever 21 and is now 2 strands. Popped one the day I wore it chasing down my $32 I dropped outside a classroom door. No the kids weren't going to just return it...sighs. And since you are looking for a Goodwill find the belt was a dollar. Ha, you didn't think I gave up thrifitng did you? My cute starfish ring was worn in this post. I got it at Marshall's as a Mother's Day gift to myself. Me and the sea have a tight bond. 

I love the bright color of the tee and decided to let that be the focal point of this look. I couldn’t resist a bold lippie. I’m wearing Revlon’s Moon Drops Lipstick in Lilac Champagne with the super lustrous lip-gloss in Pink Pop. Oh how I love this gloss.
Note this photo was taken after work and the necklace is two strands (:
This outfit makes me wasn’t to dance to John Legend’s Green Light. I swear this tee glows in the dark. It really doesn’t but isn’t it a vivrant thang. Hey that’s a song title too. A Tribe Called Quest right?
That is NOT my car but I'd certainly drive it.  Yeppers!
I’m writing a paper on integrating technology in the K-12 classroom for my History and Development of Human Services class. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up so I just continue learning new things. So off I go. Hope you had a happy weekend.

Air Kisses,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dressing for an Evening of Jazz

I mentioned earlier on Twitter that I forgot to include the pictures on this post  showing what I wore to the concert. So here it is:

Another photo of me twirling :0).

See I really do send air kisses.

The ruffles on this H&M dress and the flowers on these Fover 21 shoes...LOVE!

Did you notice there has been a lot of pink and black this week? I'll be sure to break out some different colors next week. I feel some color blocking coming on and I owe you a post from last week. Blogger went down and threw off my schedule. I was all excited about what I wore last Thursday inspired by Shirley

So stay tuned. More to come right after I finish these two papers for class and watching the movie Waiting for Superman. Have you seen it?

Air Kisses,

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Grown Folks Evening

Mother's Day I was blessed to attend a concert featuring rhythm and blues and jazz singer Will Downing and urban jazz saxophonist Najee. Oh my what an evening. I had a terrific time. I didn't open the envelope that held my ticket until an hour before the concert. Low and behold, I had an orchestra seat in the second row. I was within an arm's reach of the stage. This was the first time in a looonnnngggg time that I didn't' spend Mother's Day fighting off a heavy sadness. Old folks really know how to party! Good thing there weren't any drinks flowing or that old school jam session would have lasted all night.

Please enjoy the photos. I apologize but they were all taken with my phone. I didn't think we would be able to take photogrtaphs in the show so I didn't bring in the Canon. Well we were allowed pictures but no video. I was able to nab a few quick snippets of both performances. I'll try and upload them if they are of decent quality. I haven't used my phone much for videos even though it has an HD camcorder.

Are you a fan of Will Downing? Is jazz a genre you listen to?

Air Kisses,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


How KT really feels on days when we accidently dress alike. No Sir, no ma’am you don’t think we did this intentionally do you? Usually when this happens no one changes their clothes because we iron for the week on Sunday.

Why someone will make a request, you comply, they tell you how perfect the job you did was but add what you could have done to make it better. No Sir, no ma’am it was perfect.

Why others find what a fashion lover wears, purchases and styles any concern to them. Did you write a check? No Sir, no ma’am then give a compliment or go sit down with that jealous spirit.

Why my son acts like he’s 15 instead of 11. He’s always having conversations with me that leave me baffled. Yes Sir, yes ma’am he was discussing the average size of a polar bear. Umm do kids normally use the word average in discussing creatures of nature? He’s always using vocab that’s beyond his years. I love that boy!

Why the people making decisions about education have never taught in a classroom, polled me, inquired of me or ask me to state my opinion. No Sir, no ma’am testing is not the answer to solving our literacy problem.

Why men don’t say what they really feel or think. Then one day they do and we are left confused. Sometimes in a good way.  Others time not so much. No Sir, no ma’am we really don’t understand each other or operate the same.

Gray beaded necklace & red bangle: Goodwill/Silver Leaf: Forever 21

How come no one leaves comments on my blog. Yes Sir, yes ma’am I’m happy that I have readers but I like talking and writing. I want to get to know you.  Say something about my writing if you will. It’s important to me. I'll do a happy feet dance :)

Cardigan: Forever 21/Jeans: Banana Republic/Nude Guess Pumps via Marshall's
WHY GOD loves me so despite me. Often times when this happens I’m moved to tears. Not for the things or the stuff but because I’m not wondering who I am or where I am suppose to be. Yes Sir, yes ma’am my dreams are manifesting. I'm doing a joy filled cartwheel in my head, LOL!

Now that you see I have nothing going on inside my head after a really llllllooooooonnnnnnnngggggggggg workday. I’m going to bed.

Good night & Air Kisses,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everybody Everywear: Floral Challenge - IN THE GARDEN

There are some fantastic fashion bloggers in the blogsphere. Some are such favorites of mine that I get immediate updates of their posts using my Pulse app for Android. Prissy is the creator of RushOurFashion. We recently begin interacting on Twitter and this week she suggested I participate in the Everybody EveryWear challenge. I checked out the site and was sold. I’m kinda sad I missed the maxi dress challenge. Guess this can fall into both categories.

This is my first and I’m nervous but excited to get comments about this look I put together for work. It’s difficult to make a halter maxi dress appropriate for work but when you have zero in the breast area like me it can be done. I have a love hate relationship with this dress. I purchased it last year from JcPenney for a trip to see someone “special”. I’ve worn it about 4 times. I should rock it more but I have a hard time keeping the darn thing up (back to boob problem).
As you’ve read and seen from the past few posting I’m a floral addict. So when this invite came up I immediately grabbed this from the back of my closet and started rummaging around to see how I could make it work. I initially thought of the old trust GAP jean jacket but wanted to keep the look soft so as not to diminish the print of the dress. This cardie is an old purchase from the Bull’s Eye Boutique –aka- Target. The belt came on some dress from Forever 21. This is the first time I’ve worn it. The necklace was a recent purchase this weekend from Marshall’s. It’s another Jessica Simpson piece. I have a thing for her right now. The ring and earrings are old. Dolce Vita wedges were a birthday gift purchased from Target. I’ve seen them on at least 10 blogs. I love them for the height and the price for a designer sandal wasn’t bad.

Satchel is Michael Kors purchased as a Christmas gift to self. I know I use all the holidays to buy myself a new item or two. I kept the makeup soft so as not to end up looking like a box of crayolas. Nails are colored with Sally Hansen’s Mint Sorbet.  Yummy, right? The table or stand I’m sitting on was at the dump when I pulled into my parking space today. Viola, a prop for photos.

So what do you think? How’d I do?

Air Kisses,

Florals | Everybody, Everywear
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