Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Teacher's Tears.

I had a moment at work today. From 1st period to 5th I felt like a failure. I was seconding guessing my love/passion for teaching. I'm not sure what triggered my low but I was loooowww! With all that is happening to and around education I'm assuming other fellow educators are scratching their head wondering when did a desire for an education become what it is today in America. Test scores. I sigh & dig deep for fuel to stay positive.

Then I started reading my students dialogue journals and I got it that they were getting it. We are reading 'The Fallen' from the Bluford series. When I was first introduced to the books I was not a fan. I wanted my students to read more than what I saw as hood stories but I gave the books a chance.

One thing I always want my students to do is connect with the character(s), feel the story and engage me and their peers in conversation when reading a novel. I want them to do more than answer a multiple choice question. To enhance our time reading in our literature circle, we started dialogue journals. As I read today the personal stories they trusted me enough to share from the heart, I realized in that moment what I do is effective. My students were learning about trust, making choices, the reality of gangs. They saw a teacher who cared about his students and exposed them to Shakespeare. Theme after theme came alive & they connected. It dawned on me it is the adults who mostly devalue what I do.

This truth saddens me but it doesn't define the type of educator I'll be despite the way noneducators & the media degrade my profession. So I head back tomorrow, ready to use literature to speak to the minds & hearts of my 8th grade babies. I return to Room 216 with GOD inspired ideas. Maybe even with $2 for a different kid who doesn't have lunch money. I'm there tomorrow for a mom who has spoken to me privately and asked that I mentor her daughter.

I ask that you please don't forget to thank your child's/children's(s) teacher. He or she might need to be reminded they are appreciated.

Air Kisses,
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Unknown said...

Ms. Blue keep on stimulating the minds of our future. You are my inspiration :)

Kerissa said...

@Me, no other calling yet :))

@ruralglamour via Twitter said...

Great post:) I had a moment yesterday where i thought am i not doing enough when some test scores came home yesterday.

Mzkbee via Twitter said...

I just read ur blog and I was touched. I hv also had those low days and ur blog just let me know that I am not the only one. :-)

monster cakes said...

Our weakness is God's opportunity. Amen!

ps. I don't have a Kindle, but I'd love to get an e-book reader someday. I work at an audio book publishing house, so I listen to books too. : )

jwilli said...

Teaching is sometimes a thankless job. I salute you and all the other teachers who give their all EVERYDAY!

Kerissa said...

To my fellow educators if I can pass on one thing to keep us in this game that would be to treasure the small successes and celebrate the relationship(s) you developed with one or a few children who started out with no hope. I appreciate each comment and word of encouragement.

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