Monday, April 25, 2011

Resurrection Sunday

Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday! We did. My oldest brother came to visit and I was super excited. He lived with me for a few years and it was one of the semi-happiest times of my adult life. You see I’ve never been a great roommate. A good roomie one but not a great one (giggles). I hope my college roomie isn’t reading this. Well actually I can’t be that bad (my mom says I should always live alone) since she and I have remained friends for 12+ years.

Pastor preached on the resurrection in a manner I haven’t heard before. Yes, there was a fresh anointing on a message reminding me about GOD’s unmatachable love for me and my little guy whom by the way I am so very very VERY proud of. He earned all As this grading period. I posted a picture of his Principal Honor Roll certificate on Facebook and gave it a  caption that read, “Take that negative statistics about single parents”. Do I promote single parenting and children born out of wedlock? Heck no! I will go head to head with anyone who feels I don’t have a right to be successful and celebrate my son.

In other news, the moms is graduating from my alma mater this weekend. I’m so very proud of my best friend. I’m curious to see who is going to cry more. I’ll be sure to share pictures of her special days. She’s a perfect candidate to encourage someone who is older and thinking they can’t get er done after reaching a certain age.  During my dark days when I want to give up on school, I think about all she has accomplished from dyslexia to a bachelor’s degree and realize YES I CAN!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of me and the little guy. He was Deacon sharp as my friend Jaymes would say. I shopped my closet for Easter. Ok I confess, I did buy the shoes on Good Friday at a good price. I’m not a big fan of wearing suits even though I own a few. I feel stuffy in them like I should be in the corporate world. I’m so jealous of anyone who gets to wear jeans, blazers and stilltoes to work.

After church we enjoyed the perfect weather pool side with a egg hunt for the kiddos. The golden egg held $20.  Mini me found $6. I told him that was his lunch money. Dinner was filling and the homemade chocolate bunny cake was deee-licious. I know some folks think we go overboard for this holiday but for me every day is a day to celebrate the cross. For me it is a daily reminder of my second chance at being the God designed me and living my best life.

Air Kisses,


BlackPearl said...

you look FABULOUS!!!

Alissa said...

You look so fab. You belong in an Essence spread

Roodlyne said...

love love love the outfit. :)
Happy resurrection Sunday... belated

jwilli said...

Aww. You mentioned me in your blog. Yes, KT looked deacon sharp. And you were serving it for resurrection Sunday! I'm glad you were able to spend time with your brother. Congrats to KT and your mom on their educational achievements. And congrats to you as well. You're making it happen "Grad School"!

StylePantry said...

I don't know how I bumped into your blog, but I love it. you make me smile.


Kerissa said...

You all are so generous with your comments. I'm not a suit girl so this was a stretch for me to get it right. I felt powerful and important....someday lololol.

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