Sunday, April 17, 2011

Red, White and Pink

Before I became a mom, teacher and HOH (Head of Household) I would by trendy clothes. Whatever was hot at the moment is what I purchased. Then I grew up and discovered credit and catalogues. One of my favorite places to order online was Crossing Pointe. I don’t think this company even exists anymore. Anyone familiar with it? Well these pants were purchased over 10 years ago from the catalogue.
Flower Pin: GAP, Ring: H&M, Pants: Corssing Pointe & Shoes: Steve Madden's at Ross

I’d buy clothes get tired of them and give them away. This was a never ending cycle I lived. Moms would warn me not to get rid of everything. My Aunt who was a streamstress (she doesn’t sew anymore) and very fashionable would remind me that nothing new was under the sun even in fashion. There is a cauutteee photo of her hanging in my Grandmother’s home wearing a light blue skirt, top and matching cardigan with white wedges and a big afro with hints of sandy red. Wish I could show it to you. I wonder if that is where I get my love for cardigans.
This park is my new favorite photo spot.

Auntie Mary would say this trend/look will come around again. Part of the problem was I didn’t have anywhere to store all of those things that were out for the moment. Fortunate for me I did keep some things. I whipped these out as soon as I saw all the blog posts on color blocking. I wore this to a Saturday womens’ meeting at my church. Now I shop Goodwill and thrift stores more than department stores and places like Marshalls and Ross.
Something's not right with my butt :( I promise it isn't soggy as it looks here, LOL!

I was sharing with a co-worker this week that I really do recycle clothes. I just get ideas from magazines and blogs of real women wearing affordable clothes. Colorblocking to me is nothing more than mixing and matching something I think I’m really good at. I always have fun with my clothes. 
Notice, I'm not really drinking. I do NOT drink out of fountains. 

Where do you find inspiration? Is there a clothing item you've had longer than 10 years? What is it? Have you worn it lately? I can't wait to read your comments.

Air Kisses,


Marcia B. said...

I really love the vibrant colors on you, the pants are very spring-ish!

TheFabChick said...

pink and red is a combo i've never been a huge fan of, i guess i always felt a little too girlie, but it definitely works! especially for this season color-blocking trend! :-)

simplychic said...

gorgeous mix of color! love it a lot!

GFS said...

I love red and pink together! Bravo!

And ps...I think I MIGHT add that skirt to SFAM but it is too big for me so I KNOW that it will be huge on you! But taking in the waist will surely do the trick.

I said I might!

Kerissa said...

@Marcie, hugs to you for the compliment.
@TheFabChick, I'm such a girly girl. I don't own one pair of sneakers.
@Simplychic, call me the girl who Is always chasing a rainbow.
@God'sFavoriteShoes, please oh please. I have two places I can get alterations done pronto!

StylePantry said...

You look every inch of glam!

I never follow trends, and I keep key pieces. Like you, I have owned most of my wardrobe for years. I used to wear really high-end pieces, but after having 3 kids and feeling depressed when they'd puke my clothes, I decided it was time for change. Zara, Free People, H&M, here I come :)

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