Saturday, April 2, 2011

Missing You

Do you remember the 80's group Guy? I just dated myself. Those fine gentleman with real musical talent would belt out the lyrics to "I Miss You". That's how I'm feeling about you, my readers. I'm appreciative of you sticking with me during my absences even though I'm a new blogger and I probably should post at least once per week.

The truth is lately I haven't felt like I had anything to say. I do have a few outfit posts to share and I even have LONGER hair. Exciting right?? Every since my external drive crashed my blogging has been off. I need to either pick up my old drive or purchase a new one to store pics & posts. I'll be making a decision on this in the next week.

Another recent epiphany I've had is realizing how much physical distance is between me and my immediate family. Disaster struck this week. The kid and I had to make an emergency 6 hour drive to pull for family. It wasn't a good feeling with gas prices being so high, me trying to save monies and traveling less. But for my boss who I'm.the boss of ANYTHING. Period.

I don't know about you but Florida like many other states has leader making decisions to line their pockets with Benjamins and us regular working teachers will be standing in the classroom with no supplies left for anyone anywhere. Ok so maybe that was a bad analogy. I'm just saying my decision making has been seriously affected. I'm only buying serious necessities! Back to my family, I love them so much and would do anything within reason and the Word of GOD to protect and support them. They are the only reading I've considered returning to my hometown. Big emphasis on the word only.

GOD deserves all the glory for a potentially fatal incident working out well. I covered those 500 + miles to be there and now I'm awake at 2A.M. blogging so even more good came from this. I was inspired.

Stay with me friends. Pray for me. Wave below by leaving a comment and tell me who or what you are missing currently.

Air Kisses,
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Nikki said...

Yes, you are dating yourself but I know every word of that song so I guess our dates are similar!

I know how life can get hectic and blogging can become the last item on our long list of priorities.

Don't worry my blogfriend I will keep visiting as long as you keep reminding me of those 80's songs every so often!

Tekelia said...

I miss your blogs you do a great job and yes gas prices are crazy I wont be traveling much so keep writing.

RevealingBeaute said...

1st...YOU ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY! You're smart. Witty. A great mother. A awesome woman full of wisdom and love. SHARE IT!!!

Now... about what I'm missing: my family. being 10 and just being responsible to make my bed and help clean the kitchen.

Alicia said...

Hoeny.... LIFE happens. And you do NOT have to apologize for that. I used to feel the same way at times, but honestly, there is no rule book that says new bloggers must post at least once per week. Especially during hectic times. Know that you are missed as well and you have built a good relationship with your readers so we'll be right here when a new post arrives.

Air hugs to you too!!!


So sorry about your family emergency, hope everything works out for the best. Regarding the gas prices I live in LA and drive a SUV. I feel your pain.

Prissy said...

You and your family are def in my prayers.

On another note: Blogging can be very difficult sometimes, especially if its not you're full time job!

I got the leopard purse about 3 months ago. I went on Saturday. I didnt see any leopard ones, but I did see some tribal prints, florsal, and one blogger even has a giraffe print one!! Too cute!

Thank you for stopping by & leaving lovely comments.


Unknown said...

Things happen and it is okay. We will be here waiting patiently. As for who or what I am missing, I am missing my family. All of my family is in Miami, Fl. Me and my children are in Texas. The good thing about it is that, I am moving back home this summer!!! YYYEEAAAA Buddy!! lol.....

###### said...

I am stopping by and waving to say HELLO...and prayers are with you.

Kerissa said...

I appreciate all the encouraging comments and prayers. Keep them coming. Music brings about heal. Not all songs but when I need to escape I tune in to the 80s and 90s all genres and just let it go. Yesterday I drove by 2 gas stations because the lowest grade of gas was almost $4.00. Is this reality?!?!

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