Friday, April 15, 2011

Here I Am

Happy Friday all. Thanks to each of you who have stopped by and wished me well, assured me that you are here for the journey and that you enjoy my posts regardless of how sporadic they are. Please keep the prayers for my family coming. They have truly been heard & we have experienced GOD'S love, peace and miracles.

So much has happened over the past few weeks. Nothing bad! I'm tossing around so many ideas I want to write about. Time really hasn't been on my side. Catching up in my class is of the essence at the moment. I am still posing for the camera occassionally (click....flash). With the beautiful weather and FCAT testing this week I've kept the dresscode simple.

As a lover of maxi dresses testing week is the perfect opportunity to toss one on with a cardigan, a few accessories and sandals (yes, these are the only flats I adore). I also wore two outfits about a month ago featuring the color blocking trend. Although for me color is a staple 365. I haven't posted them because I'd planned to try out some new free editing software called Photoscape. Do you have any experience with it? Check it out a I designed an electronic signature that I wanted to begin incorporating into my posts but I haven't sat down to scan it into the computer. Once again scheduling is an issue. So you see I am still here blogging just in my head.

I'm glad today is Friday. It always feels like good news even though this day arrives weekly. I don't know about you but I head to work extra cheery because I get 48 hours away from the kiddos. I love them but teaching IS NOT what the media and those who feel we are off every holiday make it out to be. Try teaching an 8th grader that reads on 4th grade level! For me it is a calling, a ministry that I hold in high esteem. Expect to read a moving post soon about one of my male students.

It felt so good to write this post but I must run off, whip out the Kindle and finish reading these chapters and journal articles for class. I'm loving my program so much. My wheels are turning with each new concept and bit of knowledge I'm gaining. Some people earn degrees for prestige. My desire is to be more knowledgeable to position myself to better serve.

Enjoy the weekend. Take a moment to imagine all your possibilities. Act on them. Reinvent yourself. Live without regret. Live with purpose.

Air Kisses,
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The Cubicle Chick said...

I have bookmarked your site and I will be visiting more often. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom. :)

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