Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Teacher's Tears.

I had a moment at work today. From 1st period to 5th I felt like a failure. I was seconding guessing my love/passion for teaching. I'm not sure what triggered my low but I was loooowww! With all that is happening to and around education I'm assuming other fellow educators are scratching their head wondering when did a desire for an education become what it is today in America. Test scores. I sigh & dig deep for fuel to stay positive.

Then I started reading my students dialogue journals and I got it that they were getting it. We are reading 'The Fallen' from the Bluford series. When I was first introduced to the books I was not a fan. I wanted my students to read more than what I saw as hood stories but I gave the books a chance.

One thing I always want my students to do is connect with the character(s), feel the story and engage me and their peers in conversation when reading a novel. I want them to do more than answer a multiple choice question. To enhance our time reading in our literature circle, we started dialogue journals. As I read today the personal stories they trusted me enough to share from the heart, I realized in that moment what I do is effective. My students were learning about trust, making choices, the reality of gangs. They saw a teacher who cared about his students and exposed them to Shakespeare. Theme after theme came alive & they connected. It dawned on me it is the adults who mostly devalue what I do.

This truth saddens me but it doesn't define the type of educator I'll be despite the way noneducators & the media degrade my profession. So I head back tomorrow, ready to use literature to speak to the minds & hearts of my 8th grade babies. I return to Room 216 with GOD inspired ideas. Maybe even with $2 for a different kid who doesn't have lunch money. I'm there tomorrow for a mom who has spoken to me privately and asked that I mentor her daughter.

I ask that you please don't forget to thank your child's/children's(s) teacher. He or she might need to be reminded they are appreciated.

Air Kisses,
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Florals: Inspired by BeautyFash

I’m such a beauty and fashion junkie. I always say in my next life I’d be a model or a stylist or a fashion journalist. Well to feed my appetite I follow some amazing bloggers. I recently discovered Lexy and her fantabulous blog here. This particular post is what inspired this outfit.

Handbag: Goodwill Treasure Chest

My supermodel in my head pose in front of the school, lolol!

I had to show off my Forever 21 shoe find.

I purchased this skirt last year while visiting a friend in Memphis. It didn’t get a thumbs up from him but I’m a big fan of florals and colors. Actually I wore floral print skirts twice last week as you can see. I had plans to wear this look and when I saw Lexy’s post I doubled up. I wonder if folks thought it was too much? Oh well, confidence is key. No approval needed when you feel comfortable with a look, right?

The grass was itchy!

Another F21 shoe. I'm sold on a wedge (;

Hope I made her proud. These looks goes to show shopping your closet isn’t a bad idea if you are willing to get creative.

Air Kisses,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Resurrection Sunday

Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday! We did. My oldest brother came to visit and I was super excited. He lived with me for a few years and it was one of the semi-happiest times of my adult life. You see I’ve never been a great roommate. A good roomie one but not a great one (giggles). I hope my college roomie isn’t reading this. Well actually I can’t be that bad (my mom says I should always live alone) since she and I have remained friends for 12+ years.

Pastor preached on the resurrection in a manner I haven’t heard before. Yes, there was a fresh anointing on a message reminding me about GOD’s unmatachable love for me and my little guy whom by the way I am so very very VERY proud of. He earned all As this grading period. I posted a picture of his Principal Honor Roll certificate on Facebook and gave it a  caption that read, “Take that negative statistics about single parents”. Do I promote single parenting and children born out of wedlock? Heck no! I will go head to head with anyone who feels I don’t have a right to be successful and celebrate my son.

In other news, the moms is graduating from my alma mater this weekend. I’m so very proud of my best friend. I’m curious to see who is going to cry more. I’ll be sure to share pictures of her special days. She’s a perfect candidate to encourage someone who is older and thinking they can’t get er done after reaching a certain age.  During my dark days when I want to give up on school, I think about all she has accomplished from dyslexia to a bachelor’s degree and realize YES I CAN!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of me and the little guy. He was Deacon sharp as my friend Jaymes would say. I shopped my closet for Easter. Ok I confess, I did buy the shoes on Good Friday at a good price. I’m not a big fan of wearing suits even though I own a few. I feel stuffy in them like I should be in the corporate world. I’m so jealous of anyone who gets to wear jeans, blazers and stilltoes to work.

After church we enjoyed the perfect weather pool side with a egg hunt for the kiddos. The golden egg held $20.  Mini me found $6. I told him that was his lunch money. Dinner was filling and the homemade chocolate bunny cake was deee-licious. I know some folks think we go overboard for this holiday but for me every day is a day to celebrate the cross. For me it is a daily reminder of my second chance at being the God designed me and living my best life.

Air Kisses,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Throwback: LOVING YOU

With springtime comes a bountiful feeling of love. I haven't given up my dream of falling in love someday because I'm deserving. Mrs. Minnie Riperton expresses it best. When he finds me and captures my heart, I'll be sangin' la la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la la la la la do do doo ohhhhhhhh. Enjoy!

P. S. I want some flowers in my hair. 

Air Kisses,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pampered by Me

It’s Monday and I hope you are groaning. I know a lot of people don’t like Mondays but I’m not one of them. Last week at work was rough. FCAT testing was all week. You spend hours watching the students test so they don’t cheat, keeping them quiet until the classes around you complete their tests, trying not to go coco for coco pops from being inside all day and not getting anything accomplished. I did get an opportunity to get a pedicure and my brows waxed earlier in the week. I left with bright orange toes which I liked but didn’t love. I always take my own polish but the color I had didn’t work well. The manicurist said the brush was too hard and it left streaks. I picked out a color from the salon’s selection and wore it for a week.

Usually I just repaint my tosies when I get bored but I decided to venture out and do something extra. I occasionally wear nail polish on the hands but it is never a paid for job unless the I have somewhere really special to be. Downside to this is the nails only last a few days with the wear and tear my hands go through. Two of my co-workers who wore acrylic nails mentioned a month or so ago the Sally Hansen nail strips. They were mad cute on them. I’m not big on designs either so I was  hesitant until spring fever kicked in and I wanted some color…b r i g h t color.

I did my research online, picked up two boxes from Walgreens (they were BOGO 50% off), watched the how-to video here and reached out to my twitter and Facebook community. Krissy at Addicted to All Things Pretty sent me over to a twitter friend who did a review on her blog and I followed her instructions as closely as I could. Here is the result:

How do they look? How did you spend your weekend? I hope you did something for you!

Air Kisses,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Red, White and Pink

Before I became a mom, teacher and HOH (Head of Household) I would by trendy clothes. Whatever was hot at the moment is what I purchased. Then I grew up and discovered credit and catalogues. One of my favorite places to order online was Crossing Pointe. I don’t think this company even exists anymore. Anyone familiar with it? Well these pants were purchased over 10 years ago from the catalogue.
Flower Pin: GAP, Ring: H&M, Pants: Corssing Pointe & Shoes: Steve Madden's at Ross

I’d buy clothes get tired of them and give them away. This was a never ending cycle I lived. Moms would warn me not to get rid of everything. My Aunt who was a streamstress (she doesn’t sew anymore) and very fashionable would remind me that nothing new was under the sun even in fashion. There is a cauutteee photo of her hanging in my Grandmother’s home wearing a light blue skirt, top and matching cardigan with white wedges and a big afro with hints of sandy red. Wish I could show it to you. I wonder if that is where I get my love for cardigans.
This park is my new favorite photo spot.

Auntie Mary would say this trend/look will come around again. Part of the problem was I didn’t have anywhere to store all of those things that were out for the moment. Fortunate for me I did keep some things. I whipped these out as soon as I saw all the blog posts on color blocking. I wore this to a Saturday womens’ meeting at my church. Now I shop Goodwill and thrift stores more than department stores and places like Marshalls and Ross.
Something's not right with my butt :( I promise it isn't soggy as it looks here, LOL!

I was sharing with a co-worker this week that I really do recycle clothes. I just get ideas from magazines and blogs of real women wearing affordable clothes. Colorblocking to me is nothing more than mixing and matching something I think I’m really good at. I always have fun with my clothes. 
Notice, I'm not really drinking. I do NOT drink out of fountains. 

Where do you find inspiration? Is there a clothing item you've had longer than 10 years? What is it? Have you worn it lately? I can't wait to read your comments.

Air Kisses,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Here I Am

Happy Friday all. Thanks to each of you who have stopped by and wished me well, assured me that you are here for the journey and that you enjoy my posts regardless of how sporadic they are. Please keep the prayers for my family coming. They have truly been heard & we have experienced GOD'S love, peace and miracles.

So much has happened over the past few weeks. Nothing bad! I'm tossing around so many ideas I want to write about. Time really hasn't been on my side. Catching up in my class is of the essence at the moment. I am still posing for the camera occassionally (click....flash). With the beautiful weather and FCAT testing this week I've kept the dresscode simple.

As a lover of maxi dresses testing week is the perfect opportunity to toss one on with a cardigan, a few accessories and sandals (yes, these are the only flats I adore). I also wore two outfits about a month ago featuring the color blocking trend. Although for me color is a staple 365. I haven't posted them because I'd planned to try out some new free editing software called Photoscape. Do you have any experience with it? Check it out a I designed an electronic signature that I wanted to begin incorporating into my posts but I haven't sat down to scan it into the computer. Once again scheduling is an issue. So you see I am still here blogging just in my head.

I'm glad today is Friday. It always feels like good news even though this day arrives weekly. I don't know about you but I head to work extra cheery because I get 48 hours away from the kiddos. I love them but teaching IS NOT what the media and those who feel we are off every holiday make it out to be. Try teaching an 8th grader that reads on 4th grade level! For me it is a calling, a ministry that I hold in high esteem. Expect to read a moving post soon about one of my male students.

It felt so good to write this post but I must run off, whip out the Kindle and finish reading these chapters and journal articles for class. I'm loving my program so much. My wheels are turning with each new concept and bit of knowledge I'm gaining. Some people earn degrees for prestige. My desire is to be more knowledgeable to position myself to better serve.

Enjoy the weekend. Take a moment to imagine all your possibilities. Act on them. Reinvent yourself. Live without regret. Live with purpose.

Air Kisses,
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Missing You

Do you remember the 80's group Guy? I just dated myself. Those fine gentleman with real musical talent would belt out the lyrics to "I Miss You". That's how I'm feeling about you, my readers. I'm appreciative of you sticking with me during my absences even though I'm a new blogger and I probably should post at least once per week.

The truth is lately I haven't felt like I had anything to say. I do have a few outfit posts to share and I even have LONGER hair. Exciting right?? Every since my external drive crashed my blogging has been off. I need to either pick up my old drive or purchase a new one to store pics & posts. I'll be making a decision on this in the next week.

Another recent epiphany I've had is realizing how much physical distance is between me and my immediate family. Disaster struck this week. The kid and I had to make an emergency 6 hour drive to pull for family. It wasn't a good feeling with gas prices being so high, me trying to save monies and traveling less. But for my boss who I'm.the boss of ANYTHING. Period.

I don't know about you but Florida like many other states has leader making decisions to line their pockets with Benjamins and us regular working teachers will be standing in the classroom with no supplies left for anyone anywhere. Ok so maybe that was a bad analogy. I'm just saying my decision making has been seriously affected. I'm only buying serious necessities! Back to my family, I love them so much and would do anything within reason and the Word of GOD to protect and support them. They are the only reading I've considered returning to my hometown. Big emphasis on the word only.

GOD deserves all the glory for a potentially fatal incident working out well. I covered those 500 + miles to be there and now I'm awake at 2A.M. blogging so even more good came from this. I was inspired.

Stay with me friends. Pray for me. Wave below by leaving a comment and tell me who or what you are missing currently.

Air Kisses,
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